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I have been doing business for 7 years and have helped hundreds of people and some companies to solve their computers problems & Security issues. I Have 12 Years of Experience in IT and 7 Years Experience in Support Services. 6 Years Experience in Hacking & Security. Also Experience in computer maintenance, troubleshooting (Software-Hardware), installation of computer parts and various networking devices.


Windows-Server/10/7/8.1/XP-Mac OS-Android-iphone-Linux:

✔️Installation and Configuration. 

✔️Add Clients To Windows Server, give Them Permissions , File sharing , Install Printer , Troubleshooting And Fix All issues.
✔️Update and Upgrade Software.
✔️Upgrade old windows to latest windows  version. 
✔️Fresh Reinstall Windows System Without Losing Data. 
✔️Update all Drivers to latest version. 
 ✔️Improved Computer Speed, Performance and Stability .
✔️Improved Hard Disk Performance. 
 ✔️Improved Graphics Performance in Gaming. 
✔️Update Windows.
✔️Clean Windows , optimize speed
✔️Problem diagnostic software and hardware.
✔️Different Methods to Forensic Data Recovery.

✔️Command Prompt.
✔️Setup and Configured Remote ️Desktop (RDP).
✔️Setup and Configured SSH On Windows. 
✔️Setup Ftp Server On Windows.
✔️Reset Forgotten Windows Password.
✔️Fix All Network Issues On windows ( duplicate ip address , wireless won't connect , dns problems , Ethernet Cable Not working , Connected but Pages not load , yellow exclamation mark ...). 
✔️ Fix All Drivers Issues ( Driver won't install , driver missing , Driver won't update ...).
✔️Fix Email Issues (Email Won't Sent - Receive , Email won't sign in , Email Frozen ..). 
✔️ Fix All Audio problems ( video won't load online , audio driver installed but not working , audio need driver installation , update audio driver ...).
✔️Dual Boot Windows & Linux.
✔️Setup Domain Controller and configured it . 
✔️ join multiple users and domain controllers.
✔️Setup vpn & Proxy.
✔️Install Mac Os.
✔️Update Mac Os To Latest Version. 
✔️Troubleshooting Mac Os. 
✔️Troubleshooting Android Phones.
✔️Update Android Phones.
✔️Flash Android Phones.
✔️Reset Android Phones Password.
✔️Remove Android PIN Code.
✔️Remove Android Lock Screen Pattern, Pin, Password or Finger Print - No Data Loss.
✔️Recovery Android Data (videos , files , pictures.documents ..).
✔️Recovery Mac Os Data (videos , applications , pictures , files ...).
✔️troubleshooting microsoft office.
✔️Installing Linux Os.
✔️Setup Ssh on Linux. 
✔️Setup RDP on linux.
✔️Setup ftp server on linux.
✔️Troubleshooting some Linux issues.
✔️Remove malwares from iphone phones. 
✔️protect iphone phones from some attacks. 
✔️update iphone phones. 
✔️troubleshooting iphone phones. 
✔️flash iphone phones .


✔️Protect Windows From any malwares that can bypass all anti virus , firewalls , IDS,IPS.
✔️Close +10 Critical Vulnerabilities on windows . 

✔️Firewall configuration. 
✔️ Install Anti virus.
✔️memory analysis .
✔️Prevent the metasploit Meterpreter (session) forever -the attacker no longer can open a meterpreter session on your computer (Wherever if the Meterpreter Payload Fud and can Bypass all anti viruses-Firewalls-IDS-IPS). 

✔️Detect & prevent Metasploit Meterpreter Migrations on multiple Process and Close the TCP connections. 

✔️Prevent Man In The Middle Attacks (mitm) 
✔️Prevent Any 0Day SMB - Ftp - exploits (REMOTE CODE EXECUTION ) 
✔️Prevent Any Browser 0Day REMOTE CODE EXECUTION ( RCE -LPE) 
 ✔️Prevent Hardware Attacks ( Raspberry Pi Attacks ) such : P4wnP1 Attacks - BAD USB - Exfiltrating Files... 

 ✔️Protect Company From Any Zeroday Remote Code Execution Rce EXPLOITS. 
✔️Protect Company From Any Fud Python Payload. 

✔️Prevent Python Botnet. 
✔️Protect Company From Any ZeroDay Buffer Remote overflow. 
✔️Protect Company From any Python malware that can bypass IDS-IPS-firewall . 
✔️Protect Company From Any Ransomware and Virus attacks. 
✔️Prevent Pass the hush Attacks . 
✔️Protect Company From any Powershell Malwares .....more. 
✔️Protect Company From Any Metasploit Attacks (Any meterpreter session + Any shell session) *hacker can't open any meterpreter or shell session again* 
✔️ Detect and Completely Remove Malwares ... that hide Their selfs from process manager (taskmanager and other process monitors). 
✔️Setup Honeypot 
✔️Detect and Completely Remove malwares... that hide Their Tcp Connection Activity (IP ADDRESS & PORT). 

✔️Detect the infected machine hostname & mac address & Ip address on your network . 
✔️Using Wireshark to Analyse network and Detect malicious websites. 
✔️ Find and Remove those malwares that downloaded itself in background automatically. 
✔️Detect and Completely Remove FUD Malwares... from your computer wherever if they can Bypass all anti viruses (without anti virus). 
✔️Get the attacker ip address and trace the attacker location. 
✔️Using command prompt to Detect and Completely Prevent FUD malwares-trojans-worms-backdoors-botnets-Payloads from your computer wherever if they can Bypass all anti viruses (without anti virus). 

✔️Protect Company from any keylogger attacks ( Bank accounts , Credit Cards , Emails & social media accounts such facebook.twitter... more ).
✔️Protect Company from DDOS and Zombie attacks

 ✔️Close Ports that put you in risk 
✔️install & configure firewall 
✔️Setup vpn and Proxy.
✔️Encrypt System Partition/Drive .
✔️Protect Wireless network ( Setup Strong Password , Choose the right Encryption , Hide The Network , avoid Evil twin , brute force , hashcat and other attacks *The hacker can't crack the password*. 
✔️ Setup Secure Email for business. 
✔️ Remove All Email Evidence From FBI-Government-ISP. 
✔️Become Completely Anonymous Online. Hide yourself From ISP.
✔️Protect Browsers (Chrome, Brave , Tor , Edge , Firefox , Opera ...). 
✔️ Remove Malwares ... From Mac Os & Android phones. 
✔️ Protect Phones from hackers.
✔️Detect Arp Spoofing Attacks.
✔️Protect Company from Spammers (Fake Emails).
✔️Protect windows Desktop & Webcam. Protect Linux from Attacks.


✔️install and Configure router.

✔️setup wireless network on router.

✔️troubleshooting router issues.

✔️setup vpn on router.

✔️Setup DNS on router.

✔️update router firmware.

✔️setup strong authentication username & password.

✔️Merge Multiple routers in same network.

Security (ROUTER):

✔️Disable Router Vulnerabilities.

✔️Configure Firewall.

✔️Disable Ports that put your network in risk.

✔️Setup Strong wireless network Password.

✔️choose the right encryption.

✔️Prevent DNS attacks.


✔️Troubleshooting ( Ram - HDD - MOTHERBOARD - Cpu - ssd ).

✔️Troubleshooting ( BIOS ).

✔️Reset Forgetting BIOS Password.

✔️Bios Configuration.

✔️Update Bios Version.

✔️Build Whole Computer (Motherboard , case , ram , cpu , psu , cooler , hdd , ssd ...).

✔️Build Pc Gamer ( Choose the right hardwares ( RAM , CPU , GPU , MOTHERBOARD , SSD , HDD , CASE , cooler ...) *Avoid bottleneck*.


✔️ Install Wordpress.

✔️Make backup to Wordpress.

✔️ Add SSL certificate to Wordpress.

✔️Add Domain To Wordpress.

✔️Create Normal website (no coding).

✔️Protect Wordpress From DDOS attacks.


✔️Install Vmware workstation and configure it.

✔️Install Virtualbox and configure it.

✔️Add Labs to Vmware & Virtualbox.

✔️Troubleshooting Vmware & Virtualbox issues ( networks , Driver space ...)

Work Experience:

Fiverr , Freelancer on Fiverr, Sep 2019 ~ Present.
1 Year Experience.


Work Experience:

It Support / help desk , 2013 Freelancer ( Facebook , Skype , Store , Titaniumtaxes (Company) , darmanoffice (Company) , Randomly Peoples ~ Present.

7 Years Experience.

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