Abdul Samade

iOS Developer  •  San Francisco, US  •  Email #510-943-2746

Building flawless apps from the ground up is what drives me. I'm focused on cutting-edge technology and tools for developers. Being iOSI alumni is an amazing experience.


 GitHub, Swift, Xcode, Firebase, APIs, jSON Parsing, Data Persistence, Slack, Unity, Autodesk Maya, Google Docs, and Lucid-chart.


Project ToDoList

This is a ToDoList App, where you can login using your email and password. It is an easy app to use and the user would have the ability to take notes, catagorized them, and delete them as well. By catagorizing the notes user woud have the ability to branch out or branch in within these notes.

 2. This app is available only on iOS platform, such as iPhones. 

Project Poppin

1. This app provides user a current Data of users in places, such as events, nightlives, coffee shops, and restaurants to participate based on the user's choice. By having current data or number of users in selected location, user can see, approximately how many people are there in places at the moment, so they can decide their participation vibes or environment. 

 2. This app is available only on iOS platform, such as iPhones. 


Experience 01, September 11th, 2017 - Present

iOS Developer, While being a student at the General Assembly, I have done couple of projects, which was individual and team base projects. The links are available on GitHub.

Experience 02, March 26th, 2011 - May 2012

Linguist for DOD as a contractor for United State Army Forces in overseas, during the time of assignment with EOD engineering team, I attended numerous infantry operations, from disposing IEDs to Governor’s meetings.

Experience 03, March 03, 2009 - March 20th, 2011 -  

Role player or Culture adviser: Tatitlek Inc. 29 palms, CA (08/2009-04/2011) 

Role Player: American Federal Contractor. Fort Polk, LA (04/2009-04/2011) 


Alumni of “General Assembly” class of 2017, “iOS Developer” 

Two years student at "Full Sail University" Degree Interactive Media Design, field game design.


I have received numerous certificates of appreciation and recommendation latters. In addition, I was awarded for work Excellency more than couple of times.

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