Self-motivated young professional who thrives on collaboration and creativity to find innovative solutions. Extremely obsessed with new trends in technology, fashion and FMCG verticals. Seeking to evolve in these fields and have an opportunity expand my knowledge.
Having worked on a B2B project in cooperation with Angus Council, Scotland when in Glasgow doing my Master's degree, I have proven myself to be a capable communicator and commercially aware marketer.
I've done a research about brand reformation for my Master's dissertation, which put the emphasis on customer relationship management and social media marketing.

A few things about myself: I am always curious, approachable and a fast learner who adapts quickly to fast paced work surroundings. Loving challenges and never afraid to take risks. Fascinated by problem solving.
I am a team player who is patient, very passionate, and never cease to embrace challenges. Always stay in a good mood and delivering happiness to others around me.

Marketing Specialist, Brand Specialist, Sales Trader,
Taipei Special Municipality,TW
[email protected]


I am a multifaceted, analytical, and efficient marketing professional, able to think strategically and execute tactically. I have excellent communication skills, stellar research capabilities, and am a highly motivated and passionate team player. I have strong knowledge in customer experience, product marketing, integrated marketing communication and branding that I am eager to contribute to a business-minded team. Experiences in filling the gap between the brand images and customer perspectives, embodying the brand value through campaign and events like product launch and media gathering, and projects such as Porsche Taiwan CSR programme and KOL collaboration.




達勝整合行銷, Marketing Specialist, Mar 2019 ~ Jun 2020

Product marketing & project management. Plan, organise, and facilitate iconic brand event to promote specific product or brand image.
- Conducted market research and data analysis to decide media platform for each new models. Defined TA for high models such as Porsche GT series. Maintained media relation for Porsche Taiwan and monitor industrial situation, event hosting includes press conference and product launch. Strategic product-oriented planning over product overview and crisis management. Arranged media test drive on daily basis and strategies for branding event.
• Drove over 5MM Euros PR value annually, which has led to an increase in 2019 Porsche brand annual PR value by 67% year-on-year 

• Spearheaded the marketing communication strategy during COVID-19 pandemic and successfully prevent the monthly PR value from dropping 

• Managed automobile accounts, strategies and planned marketing campaigns to meet client goals Managed campaign launch and ongoing operations, including market research, budgeting, reporting and all public information 

• Established and managed production of campaign materials and provided campaign analysis report and marketing communication advice 

• Developed and strengthened partnerships with various groups including dealers to promote the brand spirit and increase effectiveness of marketing strategies 

• Demonstrated successfully in developing different strategies in problem solving and connecting popular KOL with the brand and generated earned media exposure in total of €1,000,000 PR value 

• Developed and launched the first and brand new Porsche Taiwan CSR programme in Taiwan - “Dream Together” 

• In charge of brand event - media group test drive at Penbay International Circuit, vehicle models including Porsche 911 GT3, Porsche 911 GT3 RS & Porsche 911 GT2 RS, generating more than 10 special reports and nearly €1,000,000 PR value 

• In charge of the media training and workshop on specific product to generate digital contents such as test drive video and test drive report 

• In charge of the media relation maintenance for Porsche Taiwan and undertook industry daily report and event hosting including press conference and product launch

傑眾公共關係顧問, 客戶專員, Aug 2018 ~ Dec 2018

Copywriting, strategic marketing communications
- Developed PR strategy for new products. Maintained media relation for various brand including FMCG clients like Airbonne, Mortlach whisky and Littlemill whisky brand. Provided strategic suggestions for product launch and brand marketing. e-Commerce clients includes official partner of Taobao, Taiwan International Buyer Union(TWIBU)
• Managed accounts across E-commerce, FMCG, and automobile industry

• In charge of the new product launch in Airbonne new product line, gathered over 40 media in product launch and generated over NTD 2,000,000 PR value, and built media relation for Airbonne with ELLE, Marie Claire and Vogue from cold calls for clients. 
• Planned and spearheaded Mortlach whisky seeding program to promote new products, reaching the target of NTD 100,000 sales performance
• Execution of establishment press conference for TWIBU, gathered over 40 media and generated over NTD 1,500,000 PR value 

• Participated in Porsche PR annual contract pitch and be as the representative to make the presentation to Porsche CEO, CFO & CMO 

Angus Council, Scotland, Marketing Specialist (Marketing placement), Mar 2017 ~ July 2017

Pre-study and research for potential industry in local area that’s able to create jobs for the locals. Conducted quantitative and qualitative marketing research to identify key figures and developed a 12-month marketing plan.
- Developed Marketing strategy for local area to drive business development. 
• Conducted the research on recognising the potential of the area and generated interests for small business owners to stay in area, resulting in more job vacancies. 
• Conducted strategies based on identifying pros and cons of the area through both qualitative and quantitative research.
• Successfully received positive feedbacks from more than 5 executives in management level.

Lanstin Enterprise Co., Ltd., Sales Assistant, July 2015 ~ July 2016

Account Management, project management, site planning.
- Developed Marketing strategy for local area to drive business development. 
• In charge of sales and customer development at exhibitions both in Taiwan and abroad. 
• Selling products (toys, tunnels, temp, etc.); introducing products to customers, answering questions, taking orders and communicating negotiated prices to management.
• Carried out Prep work for oversea fairs such as Nuremberg Toy Fair and serving as logistics member at the fair.

• Addressed customer inquiries and concerns to facilitate decision-making and minimise anxiety or hesitation.

• Interface with customers, determined needs, provided recommendations and up-sold services.


University of Strathclyde, 科學碩士(MS), Marketing, 2017 ~ 2017

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國立政治大學, 文學士(BA), 社會學系, 2011 ~ 2015

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