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Ada Chang

I am a PM with experience in both agile and waterfall development. Being in a fast-paced work environment, multi-tasking and prioritizing projects have become my skills for projects planning. Constructing user story with clear orientation and handling cross function team communication to ensure every state of the project schedule can be conducted smoothly and align with business goal.

New Taipei City,Taiwan  / Singapore
[email protected]


Trevi Technology - Project Manager 2021/07 - 2022/07

Supported company transformed to web3.0 gaming company. Scheduled projects ,allocated resource and prioritized tasks. 
 - Redesigned product specs accounting system by Axure 
- Delivered blockchain games

Trevi Technology - Project Manager Team Lead 2020/05 - 2021/02

Scheduled projects, allocated resources, and prioritized tasks. Established and maintained relationships with key stakeholders.
- Proactively communicated development and sustaining issues to all key stakeholders. 
- Created and managed over 150+ projects including plan, schedule, resource allocations, and other project-related reports to ensure timely delivery. - Provided direction to team members and reviewed members' performance by key metrics. 
- Optimized the development flow with Jira ,Trello, and Notion, used currently.

Trevi Technology - Product Manager  2018/11 - 2020/05

Directed all phases of the software development lifecycle and designed the product prototypes. Communicated in between 10+ departments and managed deliverables for web and app development.
- Planned and executed for 100+ projects, from systems integration to enhancements, with creating prototype with interactions by AXURE and designed UX flow for web and app devices. 
- Over 10 billion cash flow each month with 150+ daily active users, system running for 4+ years. 
- Brought 20% user growth with a project and reduced 50% operation time with a project. 
- Multiple systems experienced including: User management system, accounting system, live streaming system, car & room booking system, mobile payment system, gaming platform.

Mega Mountain - Project Manager 2016/09 - 2018/06

Managed Project schedule and communicated between clients and internal team. Provided suitable solutions to meet the budget and time. 
- Led and executed 10+ projects by creating prototypes by Balsamiq 
- Engaged with different projects - customized and developed based on Joomla!, including Business website, One-page form, E-commerce, Permission system, Quotation system, E-MOOC, and online learning platform. 
- Optimized development flow with Trello


National Centural University, B.A.


  • Mandrian:Native
  • English:Toeic 780

Software Skill

  • Jira
  • Confluence
  • Github
  • Balsamiq
  • Axure
  • MS Office
  • Css & Html


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Datavideo CN Website

Datavideo designs and manufactures a wide range of innovative technologies for use in broadcast, AV, live event and production environments.

  • 50+ wireframes
  • Customization system development
  • Hardware instruments system
  • Page builder system
  • Gathering files to download center
  • Frame:Windwalker
  • Tool:Balsamiq


NTU MIC databank

MIC imaging database is a project dedicated to the free and open sharing of raw imaging (MRI) datasets for the users of NTU.

  • Customization system development
  • Permission system
  • 9+ hint in different scenarios
  • Frame:WindWalker
  • Tool:Balsamiq

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Found Hair official website

Found Hair is one of top hair salons, the owner asked for a unique and beautiful website, so that we design this project as an online portfolio to show Found Hair itself.

  • Blog & reservation form system
  • Frame:Based on  Joomal! 
  • Tool:Balsamiq


reDance e-Commerce

eDance is a typical B2C e-commercial website, skin care productions are the main things they sell. Owner hoped this site could be luxurious and comfortable, and emphasized that it must be golden and purple.

  • Typical cart and coupon system
  • Integrate with third-party payment system
  • Frame:Based on Prestashop 
  • Tool:Balsamiq

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Main Trend Gallery

Main Trend Gallery dedicated to revealing the price of art pieces. The idea of design was to have an online gallery. 

  • Second phase is to add new feature on a existed website
  • Customization system development
  • Frame:Windwalker
  • Tool:Balsamiq


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