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Adam Harris

Graduate Student  •  Oxford, Mississippi  •  [email protected]

Hello, my name is Adam. I'm looking to break into the field of computer science through designing high-quality websites. I'm actively looking for an employment opportunity which lets me immerse myself in my passion for programming while gaining valuable experience from industry professionals. I'm a very quick learner with a technical background and a history of quality. I'm currently learning a variety of programming languages and concepts in my free time, and would be happy to discuss any potential entry-level opportunities.



I've created multiple front-end websites using custom HTML code both as a base and for styling.


I have used CSS in all of my websites to customize their theme.


I'm currently learning Javascript and jQuery through online Front-End Web Development courses.


I'm currently learning Java through an online Java course in my free time.


I've learned the basics of Python through a graduate level Bioinformatics course taught at the University of Mississippi. 


I've learned biological statistical programming concepts and implementation through a graduate level Biometry course taught at the University of Mississippi.

Coffee Website Template

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I've made a simple front-end coffee website template through self-taught web development techniques:

More Information

Please visit my GitHub profile for a full list of projects and code that I've created:

For my formal résumé, employment history, and contact information, please visit my LinkedIn Profile:

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