Adam Gant

Real Estate Investor  •  Victoria, British Columbia, US  •  [email protected]

While studying engineering physics at the University of British Columbia, like a magnetic force — the business world drew Adam Gant in. During this time, he took on College Pro Franchise and got his start with building maintenance contracting. These early experiences with the franchise business proved to be extremely rewarding for Adam — he set production records as a rookie, earning himself the “Leader of the Year” award for labour productivity and reaching “Presidents Club” status within the organization. Years later, Adam moved to Victoria to begin training with the National Rowing Team. 

This move not only marked a milestone in his athletic pursuits, but in his real estate career as well. In his first year, at the age of 22, Adam Gant purchased multiple investment properties.Over the course of the next three years, Adam went on to acquire — personally and with partners — a portfolio that included 13 residential properties, 2 land development projects, 2 condo development projects, and a share in a property management and realty brokerage business.


MIT at the Endicott College 2011 

EO Entrepreneurial Masters

University of Pennsylvania Mergers and Acquisitions 

Financial Management

University of British Columbia 

Engineering Physics

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