Adam Lee

Front-end Engineer | React Native Engineer | iOS Engineer | Enthusiasm for Challenge | Good for Communicate


• Strong with development of APP and Web product.

• Familiar with cross platform development

• Have experience with front-end unit test.

• Have experience with IoT SDK/Library (NPM package and iOS SDK).

Skill Set:

• Programming Languages:  JavaScript, Swift, Objective C, Python

• Frameworks/Cloud Services: React, React Native, Node.js, GCP/GCE/Auto ML/Vision, AWS IoT/S3, Kubernetes

• Data/Storage: MySQL, Redis

• Test Frameworks and other tools: Jest, React Testing Library, Webpack, Jenkins, Scrum, Xcode, Docker

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Skywatch is a platform that provides the streaming service, messaging service and API for users to access IP cameras and IoT (Internet of Things) sensors easily and efficiently. I'm involving in the re-architecture of front-end platform, maintaining existing IoT SDK, integrating React Native into existing iOS / Android product and developing next-generation API library.

Software Engineer 2020 - Present

• Responsible for iOS / React Native / Web product.
• Maintain IoT Streaming SDK on iOS
• Design and develop the architecture of JavaScript library for outside company
• Re-architecture front-end platform, make it more efficient and easier to develop and test
• Deploy some POC products on Kubernetes (k8s) by using GCP

Inventec AI Center

Inventec is one of the world's largest original equipment manufacturers of notebook computers, servers, mobile phones, and appliances. My position is front-end engineer in the department of AI ​​Center. 

Front-end Engineer 2019 - 2020

• Responsible for iOS / React Native / Web product
• Build front-end unit test system
• Develop RESTful API (CRUD)
Separate front-end project from backend
Integrate existing project into Micro Frontends Structure


Tico is a software company that focuses on creating secure and human-centered communication solutions to improve collaborations for the world.

React Native Engineer 2017 - 2019

• Responsible for iOS / Android / React Native / Web APP
• Enhance Location Based Service performance
• Develop MVP of Instant Message System and Web APP in 2 months
• Cooperate with Taipei InnoVEX 2017
• Product Site:


Fu Jen Catholic University

Master's degree, Computer Science


Fu Jen Catholic University

Bachelor's degree, Computer Science



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Fit & Meets

 This is a Campus Dating app with Location Based Service. Use React Native to develop it. 

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This APP is used for 500 people conference in reality game. Use React Native & Redux to develop.

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In the Fitbit bracelet API, I found there is not any related module  on React Native, so I wrote one by myself.