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Aditi Patil is a passionate, young and dedicated social entrepreneur, researcher, author and student. She is currently attending Columbia University where she's studying to earn her undergraduate degree in computer science. Aditi's love of computer science wasn’t an immediate one. For most of her life, she felt computer science was a subject only “for boys.” Because of negative stereotypes displayed throughout pop culture and media, she assumed she had no business working in the world of computers. 

However, a persistent and inspirational guidance counselor convinced her to take an Intro to Java programming class during her freshman of high school, and her world was changed. Following that, she enrolled in a summer coding camp held at the Flatiron Academy in NYC, and she realized the wonder and potential that computer science holds. She also discovered the realities of the industry. Namely, that there is a significant gender and racial disparity in industries related to computer science, everything from engineering to programming and web development. From her personal experience, there were not many girls in her high school took AP Computer Science.

Student at Columbia University
New York, US


Columbia University, C.P Davis Scholar, 2018 - 2022

Aditi Patil is currently attending Columbia University where she majors in Computer Science. 

Half Hollow Hills High School East, 2014 - 2018

Aditi Patil went to high school at Half Hollows Hills. Here, she was involved with The Thunderbird, the Academic Team, Amnesty International, and the Model United Nations. 

Work Experience

Director, Founder and President at XX Coders, 2016 - Present

Aditi Patil is the founder of XX Coders, a free coding program for 20 girls in her local underserved communities. She was responsible for developing curriculum, recruiting and teaching instructors and arranging a field trip to Google Headquarters. She also raised over $20,000 for program expenses. 

Head Volunteer at School Supply Drive, Wyandanch Union Free School District, 2016 - 2018

As the head volunteer, Aditi Patil helped raise money to buy $500 worth of school supplies every year. She facilitated the donation of two laptops through support of the Rotary Club of Jericho Sunrise. She was also responsible for Wyandanch School District selection as recipient.

Intern at My Space My Place Blind Coding Camp: Microsoft New England Research & Development Center (NERD), 2016

Here, Aditi Patil taught Python and handicap accessibilities on technology, and was able to provide a unique perspective on the coding world. She also helped to lead the blind coders teach blind students program.

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Aditi Patil Online

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On this site, Aditi Patil shares her thoughts on various topics related to STEM and how to make the field more diverse. 

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