Admor Aloysious Aguilar

Game Developer (Unity, Unreal) with 4 years of experience.
• Done projects for PC, Mobile (Android/iOS), VR/AR
Scalable Architectures, Optimization, UI, Gameplay
• Programming is one of the greatest superpower humanity can have. It is also art, and so I always ensure that every line is crafted with my best that when you zoom out you'll see this beautiful piece of technology.

Game Developer
Paris, France
[email protected]

Skills & Expertise

  • Main Programming: C#, C++ 
  • Sub Programming Languages: HTML5, CSS, JavaScript 
  • Platforms: PC, Android, iOS, VR/AR 
  • Programming Patterns: MVC, Dependency Injection, ECS, Component-Based, Strategy, Singleton 
  • Frameworks and Tools: Git, SourceTree, Unity 3 to 2019, Unreal Engine 4, Jekyll, Photon Engine, Gamesparks, Unity Services, Amazon Lightsail 
  • Project Management: JIRA, Trello, GSuite, Airtable, Slack 
  • Game Genres: 2D, 3D FPS, 3D TPS, Hypercasual, Fixed Camera System (ala Resident Evil), Puzzle, Horror

Work Experience

Voodoo, Game Developer, May 2021 ~ Present

• Using UNITY, focused on optimizing multiple games for low-end hardware so that they can run as fast and stable as possible.

David Morgan Education, Lead Unity Game Developer, Oct 2019 ~ Sep 2021

• Using UNITY, Working closely with the development team to create a platform to teach kids of age 3-6 to read through various mini-games.
• Entrusted by the Team Lead and the CEO, created crucial and SCALABLE FRAMEWORKS/TOOLS to help build mini-games fast and efficiently.
• Analyzed the app to do the OPTIMIZATIONS needed for it to run smoothly across ANDROID and iOS. Greatly increasing the performance by 70%.
• Managing deployment of builds to Google Play Store, and Apple App Store.

Keywords: unity, frameworks, performance, google play store, apple app store, android, ios, C#

David Morgan Education, Unity Game Developer, Oct 2018 ~ Oct 2019

MyHomespace, Inc., Lead Technical Developer, Dec 2017 ~ Sep 2018

• Using UNITY, Responsible for the creation from scratch of their 3D online social mobile app in resemblance of AltSpaceVR and VRChat. It took 1 month to make the prototype, with product changes and polishes extending it to 5 months.
• Implemented ONLINE connectivity with full 3D environment navigation, voice chat, and, user account creation.
• Heavily OPTIMIZED the app for it to work even on low-end iOS and ANDROID hardware.
• Overlooked and taught interns with different skillsets (Art, Programming, Audio) about the game development process.

Keywords: unity, online, 3D, backend, optimization, ios, android, team management, C#

Secret 6, Inc., Technical Developer Intern, May 2017 ~ Nov 2017

• Worked with a team of 15 people on a project for ANDROID and iOS.
• Created multiple mini-games from scratch (GAMEPLAY, UI, OPTIMIZATIONS, and UX) using UNITY.

Keywords: unity, android, ios, gameplay, ui, optimizations, ux, C#


De La Salle - College of Saint Benilde, Bachelor of Science (BS), Information Technology Specialized in Game Design and Development, 2013 ~ 2017

• Created personal projects that were eventually used by the school to market the course across and outside the country.
• Attended UNITY, and UNREAL seminars with speakers coming directly from Unity Technologies and Epic Games.
• Consistent Global Game Jam participant, a 3-day event usually held around Q1 of the year.
• Honorable Mention Graduate, Consistent Dean's Lister


In my previous job, got 2 raises in less than a year directly given by the CEO for my crucial work. Won multiple awards across the country for the projects I've worked on as a student.


Homespace - Demo
Dec 2017 - May 2018

  • Made with UNITY 2018 and released for Android and iOS devices. It's an online-only app that features full 3D environment navigation, voice chat, and user account management.
  • Responsible for its creation from scratch to release, developed everything from Programming, UX, and art-style.
  • This required a lot of optimization from the app's startup to long up-times as mobile devices have generally weaker processing power than computers.

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Jan 2017 - Apr 2017

  • Made with Unreal Engine 4 and released for PC. Project took 3 months to make with a team of 8 people for our second college thesis project. 
  • Made tools such as an event system that could be used for decoupled communication between objects. The tool could also be used through Unreal's Blueprint hence empowering our designers. 
  • Responsible for general parts of the game such as Design, Narrative, UX, and Cinematics.

World of Numbers

Jul 2018 - Aug 2018

  • Made with UNITY 2018 and released for both ANDROID and iOS devices. 
  • Implemented ONLINE CONNECTIVITY such as Global leaderboards, and Cloud save
  • Responsible for everything in the game: design, programming, art, etc. Prototype took 3 days to make, extra polish and online features extended the project for a month. 

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  • BEST CAPSTN2 PROJECT (03/2017)
  • BEST GAMEPLAY | 2016 ICT Creative Awards (07/2016)
    • Our game projectBREACH was nominated for the award at a nation-wide competition.
  • BEST IN INNOVATION (03/2015)
    • A personal project of mine Lost - A Horror VR Experience won 3rd place on an inter-school event. It features the use of Oculus Rift DK1 which is a novel tech at the time.
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