Eager to know the whole world, and willing to learn new domain.

From Philosophy to Finance, then come to the RD of Technology.

Different field experiences cultivate my soft power in cross-domain communication.

Currently working at 民眾日報新聞網 as finance editor.

Responsible for collection, sorting and writing of financial news information.


New Taipei City, TW [email protected]

Education Level

  • National Taipei Technology University Business Administration, Master
  • Fu-Jen University Philosophy, Bachelor

Language Skills

  • Mandarin Chinese (Native)
  • English (Fluent, TOEIC 810 / 990)


  • Python
  • SQL
  • ABAP
  • Commercial Statistics 
  • Logical Thinking
  • News Edit
  • Marketing

Work Experience

民眾新聞網 - Finance Editor

June 2021 - Present

  • Collection, sorting and writing of financial news information
  • By as a financial editor, mainly writing financial news, and thinking about social marketing with financial as the starting point.

Experiences 00 00@2x

Deloitte Consulting - Analysis

October 2020 - January 2021

  • Responsible for the development of customized requirements for Deloitte SAP department customers.
  • The projects that have been handled include report development, electronic invoice EDI system and sales order modification process mechanism development.

Experiences 00 00@2x

Gigabyte - BI Business Intelligence Department

October 2019-December 2019 

  • Responsible for checking and recording SQL server database system programs

Experiences 00 01@2x

Project Experience


Responsible as financial news editor. The UV of web increases from 16k to 300k in just half a year.
Experiences 00 00@2x

YFLife & Nuvoton

Customized ERP system derivative product compensation report for YFlife insurance company And customized sales order schedule modification program for Nuvoton Technology
Experiences 00 00@2x

CCNAP AriBaBa case

Participate in Deloitte's annual CCNAP consultant education and training, and propose corresponding solutions according to customer needs listed by Alibaba technology consultants

Experiences 00 01@2x

Service Design Practice Project Jinshitang Book Store

The practical topics implemented in the course of the service technology, using the diamond architecture process in the service design methodology, which is the four-stage recursive design model of exploration, definition, development and implementation.

Proposed a blueprint for service activities with parent-child customers as the main target for Jinshitang Bookstore.

Experiences 00 02@2x

International Marketing Report - GODIVA

Designing marketing advertisements in different countries for GODIVA.

In the process, we made color matching and selected suitable packaging icons according to the national image of the target country.

Experiences 00 03@2x

TMBA - MSI Stock Price Prediction

Predict MSI's stock price by analyzing the upstream and downstream conditions of the industry chain, the market share of MSI's various products, and feedback from game forums.

Experiences 00 03@2x
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