Experienced software engineer specializing in Image Processing, Computer Vision, Computer Graphics, and accomplished lots of innovative projects. As a self-motivated person, master new skills quickly and import agile methodology to improve team work.

Software Engineer/Architecture
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LIPS Corporation, Sr. Software Engineer, Dec 2016 ~ Apr 2020

█ Formosa Project --A warehouse capacity measurement system via 3d vision solution.
▌Enhanced code quality, including removing unnecessary codes, using SOLID, and added unit test to project, and make it easier to port to other platform(<0.5 day).
▌Fixed critical issues, and the accuracy of warehouse capacity measurement is up to 98%.
▌Delivered a multi-camera position prediction system to reduce time wast on multi-camera set-up.
▌Imported agile methodology to improve workflow, and achieve the goal 1 week ahead of schedule.

█ VGR Solutions --A new generation of 3D Vision and AI technologies that enables smart factories, autonomous warehouses and robot automation.
▌Delivered innovative algorithms to meet customers' requirements, e.g. 3d reconstruction, recognition, grabber...etc.
▌Maintained stable and clear-designed code base, and continuously improving code quality. VGR solution can support 3+ manipulator companies and 2+ camera interfaces and 5+ times international exhibitions due to good quality of code and software design.
▌Led the team of 1-3 in doing research and development, providing solutions and dividing tasks into chewable size as a mentor.
▌Cooperated with vendors, e.g. Fanuc, Century Trading Corporation, and monitor progress of projects for international exhibitions via agile methodology.

█ Won 1st prize in LIPS internal technical sharing session --3D reconstruction.


HTC(Software Architecture Department), Sr. Software Engineer/Pr. Software Engineer, Sep 2011 ~ Jun 2015

█ Delivered cutting edge features within flagship products by conceptualizing knowledge of Image Processing, Computer Vision and Computer Graphics. Accomplished projects --HTC Scribble( 4.2 rated app ) and HTC Dot View( 3.7 rated app ), installed over 10,000,000 times.

█ Worked efficiently with a large code base. Have strong ability on performance enhancement and code refactor. Accomplished projects --HTC Crop Face, the fps improved from 10-15 fps to 60+ fps due to GPU solution; and HTC Seasons, one of the most popular pre-installed apps, had no bugs left.

█ VR --Google Cardborad and HTC Vive
▌Developed the prototype of panorama scene for VR usage.
▌Ported HTC preinstalled app, e.g. HTC seasons, to VR platforms.
▌Integrated HTC Vive with SteamVR, designed and developed easy-ported apis.

█ Experienced with Scrum development process, served as a role of developer.


Institute for Information Industry, Software Engineer, Apr 2009 ~ Aug 2011

█ M3G Project --The 1st Mobile 3D Graphics Engine in Taiwan.
▌Familiar with GPU pipeline and accomplished Mobile 3D Graphics Engine 2.0 from ground up via C++, and technology transferred to industry. Also published a technical article –-在新一代嵌入式環境中 開發3D遊戲 for ​RUN!PC​.
▌Developed algorithms, e.g. Collision detection, view culling for performance enhancement on mobile.
▌Delivered Shader Effect Editor, within a user-friendly UI to simplify process of tuning effects.
▌Delivered Collada-to-M3G Converter to support more file format.

█ SVG(Scalable Vector Graphics) Project
▌Delivered Font feature.

█ Experienced with Scrum development process, served as a role of Scrum Master.


FIH Mobile Limited, Software Engineer, Sep 2007 ~ Apr 2009

█ Experienced in Core System and MMI(Man-Machine interface) layer on feature phone. Experienced with JTAG and had good debug skill on BREW.

█ Coordinated with engineering teams to unblock progress, meet weekly schedule and pass PEK(Port Environment Kit) test of the project – Nokia 2608.

█ Accomplished projects --Nokia 2608 and Nokia 8208.



National Dong Hwa University, 碩士學位, Computer Science and Engineering, 2005 ~ 2007

█ Thesis: Image Inpainting based on Posterization
█ Experience in projects, Image Processing, Pattern Recognition, Computer Vision, and Video Codec. (C++,Matlab)


Ming Chuan University, 學士學位, Information Management, 2001 ~ 2005

█ Thesis: Design and Implementation of Modular Educational Game System (PHP, MySQL, Flash)

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