Ahmed Hussein Ahmed

Seeking a challenging position in a reputable company. Can employ my knowledge and my abilities and achieve their development in order to achieve maximize the experience and enhances self-confidence

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- March 2015 till Now at COMPUSOFT COMPANY -
June2014 to March 2015 at CARINA COMPANY
Major Duties & Responsibility
- Preparation of final lists (of income and financial position and changes in equity
- Follow-up and revenue collections - Prioritize expenses
- Preparation journal entries
- Preparation the different ledger accounts and complementary analytical accounts
- Preparation card product and pricing stock
 - Preparation bank account statements and preparing the memorandum of settlement bank.
-Treasury Secretary (the receipt and disbursement of cash)
- preparing sales invoice
- follow-up record sales and purchases invoices Movement
- accounting treatment of sales and purchases and discount earned and allowed sales tax and tax commercial and industrial profits.
- follow customers and collection movement and the movement of suppliers and payment methods
 - prepare journal entries through the US daily
 - work adjustments and prepare for the era of compromises and advances for each worker -provision of public approval of the tax on private sales company

Education and Qualifications

Bachelor's degree in commerce and Accounting department, Ain Shams University (May 2012) Graduation Grade: Good

Language Skills:

Arabic: Mother Tongue.

English: Good in both written and spoken.


Personal skills

Win XP. MS-Word. MS-Excel. Internet Skills. Very Good Communication Skills.

Practical & Organized.

Working in Teamwork.

Good in Research & Development.

Motivated & very Active.

Willing to learn & adapt quickly to situations.

Personal Data

Nationality: Egyptian.

Place of Birth: Cairo - Egypt

Date of Birth: 14thof April 1991

Marital Status: single

Military Status: Finished.


- Training in the Office of the Accountant for 3 month

- Communication skills course 2011

- International Computer Driving License ICDL

- Human development cycle from Ain Shams University

- Financial Accounting course (practical) has been through training:

- Prepare journal entries - Deportation to the US daily - Preparation of trial balance - Preparation of final lists (of income and financial position and changes in equity - Accounting treatment for sales tax and tax commercial and industrial profits - Accounting treatment of fixed assets and depreciation - The accounting treatment of stock during the Class control card in a way First- in - first - out (FIFO) - And first out; last in and weighted average - Accounting treatment of sales of inventory in a manner regular. - The accounting treatment of inventory purchases in a way a regular and- continuous inventory. - Accounting treatment of acquired discount and discount allowed

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