| Ahmed Nabil Mohamed

 | [email protected]                                                           | +2001153891122

 | Military Status : Postponed                                                             | Giza, EG

 | Education

Bsc(Eng) Faculty of Engineering, Helwan University                                      ( Certificate   |  2013 ~ 2018 )
Advanced Machine Learning Specialization (2 courses)                  ( Certificate   |  2018 ~ Present )
Deep Learning specialization (5 Courses)                                           ( Certificate   |  2018 ~ Present )
Machine Learning Specialization (4 courses)                                     ( Certificate    |  2018 )
Python Specialization (5 courses)                                                           ( Certificate   |  2017 )
Java Standard Edition Diploma (AMIT)                                                 ( Certificate   |  2016 )

 | Work Experience

Software Engineer    Mar 2019 ~ Present

Software Engineer at Shebak startup company specialized in ERP/eCommerce systems. 

  • Worked in Agile environment to deliver enterprise solutions based on Odoo framework.
  • Design and implement features to integrate it in an existing applications.
  • eCommerce / Widget Development by adding new features to existing systems. 
  • Features Migration for existing applications.
  • Code review to make sure the code meet the quality standard before merging.


AI Engineer    Feb 2020 ~ Apr 2020

 Artificial Intelligence Engineer at startup for online meetings solutions 

  • Data collection, annotation and processing. 
  • implementing machine learning experiments for contents classification. 
  • Integration with existing API and cloud services. 
  • Deployment of services on the cloud and support and maintenance. 


Freelance Software Developer   Mar 2018 ~ Present

Worked as a freelancer Software Developer in the follwing: 
  • Natural language processing research papers implementation (Python)
  • Training NLP models using Higher API Libraries (Gensim, Spacy, Keras) 
  • Python Scripts Utilities.
  • Machine learning scripts & Mentoring.



Trainee   Mar 2018 ~ Nov 2018

Incubation Program from NU Enterpreneaurs to learn about how you can co-found startup and pitch business idea. Attended Technical, Business, Marketing Sessions to build our small startup team EGYX which is specialized in Machine learning and NLP Chat bots Solutions.



Machine Learning Program    Feb 2017 ~ Jul 2017

I graduated from NTL machine learning program which is held in smart villagei learned the basic concepts of machine learning and i gained great knowledge from it


 | Skills

  • Advanced in Python, Java, C++ and C.
  • Strong knowledge of OOP and Design Patterns.
  • numpy, scipy, pandas, sframe, scikit-learn and graphlab-create.
  • knowledge of deep learning frameworks (tensorflow and keras).
  • Experienced NLP frameworks (nltk, spacy, gensim).
  • Strong knowledge of machine learning, deep learning and neural networks.
  • Proficiency in HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Javascript, JQuery, Angular, MySql and AJAX.
  • Experienced use of python MVC frameworks (django, odoo).
  • Experienced use of Web Scrapping tools (scrappy, BeautifulSoup, tweepy).
  • Experienced use of cloud platforms (Heroku, GCP, AWS, Bluemix, Firebase, Azure).
  • Experienced use of modern source control (Git).
  • Proficient with multiple operating systems such as  Linux, Windows.

 | Projects

 Movies Recommendation Engine Personal 2019

JOBS Information Extraction  Freelancing 2018

  • Extracting info from job Descriptions (skills, years of experience, normalized job titles, seniority level and job type.
  • Implemented deep learning (LSTM) for sequence tagging to extract skills, and to normalize the different job titles.
  • Built command line annotation tools to semi-automate the data annotation process.
  • see project repository.

TV Series Detection Personal 2017

  • Used Sklearn API to analyze the data and create the learning model.
  • Implemented data scrapper module using BeautifulSoup.
  • The model is well regularized and tuned for the optimal prediction scores.
  • See project repository.

Sentiment Analyzer   Kaggle 2017

  • Extract features from Amazon product reviews Used Turi Graphlab-Create API | Sklearn
  • Implemented logistic classifier algorithm from scratch. 
  • Implemented gradient-ascent learning algorithm. 
  • Explored L1, L2 penalty tuning parameters.

Text Classification Tool  Upwork 2018

  • Command line tool using python
  • The purpose was to collect more than classification algorithm in single tool.
  • See project repository.

Google Drive Management Tool Upwork 2018

  • Using GCP (Google Drive API) with python.
  • creating and deleting folders in automated way to handle  large number of files.
  • See project repository.

Doc2Vec Development Upwork 2018

  • implemented language modeling using python to filter and extract information from large documents.
  • built with gensim topic modeling library.
  • See project repository.

Weather Chat Bot Personal 2018

  • Facebook Messenger Bot.
  • Buttons for user interactions for quick replies.
  • Entities extraction using nltk library.
  • See project repository.

Schooling Management System  College 2017

  • Java/web based application that manage all schools and students data and the colleges.
  • web based app from which students can enter their desires.
  • The system will choose the appropriate college according to their schools final grade. 
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