Web tech analyst

  Taipei City, Taiwan

Possess 10 years of experience in SEO and data analysis, and have worked for large enterprises in different fields of e-commerce, news platform and employment platform. Expert at data analysis, communication and coordination, with coding ability and digital marketing knowledge

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Taipei Chengshih University of Science and Technology.

Electronic Engineering

2006 - 2008

Work experience

Web tech analyst  •  屈臣氏 Watsons

Aug 2018 - Present

● Digital advertising performance monitoring and optimization
-Provide suggestions on advertising account structure optimization and advertising copy

● Planning e-commerce website SEO optimization project
-Responsible for the inspection of the overall website architecture in 7 countries and providing optimization suggestions, mainly including: repetitive domain, repetitive content, speed optimization, website architecture adjustment
-Provide advice on site revision SPA architecture adjustment to comply with SEO rules

● Data analysis
-Monthly report preparation
-Data Studio makes it easy to monitor data for use in every country
-Split traffic sources and define channel ownership to assist countries in statistics and observe the effectiveness of different channels
-Analyze traffic data to find high conversion suitable TA, high conversion time, etc., to improve the effectiveness of advertising conversion

● A/B testing
-Use Google Optimize A/B testing to solve web site pain points such as no password prompt for the login page, adding the cheapest price to the merchandise page, etc

Assistant Project Manager  •  聯合數位文創 udnfunlife

Apr 2017 - Mar 2018

● Planning e-commerce website SEO optimization project
-Website competitor analysis
-Responsible for the overall website architecture inspection and optimization, including such as: repetitive domain, repetitive content, speed optimization, website architecture adjustment

● Data analysis
-Internal weekly report preparation
-Split traffic sources and assist each department to make statistics
-Analyze traffic data to find suitable TA with high conversion, high conversion time, etc., so as to improve the effectiveness of advertising conversion

● Google Adwords Optimization
-Assist with digital advertising
-Set up SOP for complete advertising

Director of the Data Analytics department  •  久大寰宇資訊股份有限公司iSB

Nov 2015 - Mar 2017

● Planning SEO products

● Planning of e-commerce platform back-end data analysis

● Assist in business evaluation SEO to achieve keywords and traffic

● Internal education training

● Client site SEO optimization settings and traffic tracking

● Planning website architecture and functions to Client site

Assistant SEO Manager  •  1111人力銀行(1111 Job Bank)

Sep 2014 - Oct 2015

● Responsible for all website optimization within the group
-Brand website (1111.com.tw) overall structure inspection and optimization, including the main network and its dozens of zone website. To track users entering 404, import Google Analytics, Tracking Code and add 404 Tracking syntax, solve the problem of duplicate content or duplicate urls, and improve the ranking of job names

● Website traffic data analysis
-Use Google Analytics to analyze the source of traffic, and test and analyze abnormal conditions to optimize and adjust. During this period, I proposed that Google Analytics natural search caused data confusion due to incomplete keyword AD tracking, and improved the problem that 404 pages were easy to push users out of the site

● Internal education and training
-In-house education for employees includes telemarketing, engineering, department heads and planning specialists. Construct SEO basic knowledge, how to create a site structure in line with search engine preferences, the content needs to stand in the user heart point of view to send, and assist business keyword evaluation

● Business cooperation and negotiation with different manufacturers:
-Include keyword advertising agency, web design company outsourcing. Enhance service projects and quality, negotiate keywords advertising agencies and web design companies, introduce to 1111 manpower bank to strengthen infrastructure and marketing pipeline services

Senior SEO Specialist  •  awoo 阿物科技

Mar 2010 - Jan 2014

● Identifying and analyzing competitor techniques, as well as bench-marking client performance against competitors.

● Monitoring weekly and monthly key performance metrics to understand organic search performance across multiple key phrase segments.

● Writing SEO site audits and recommendation documents and designing experiments to test new strategies and opportunities for growth.

● Setting the strategy and deployment of scalable link development programs via UGC, widgets, quizzes, badges, infographics, plugin development and other such channels.

● Optimizing internal linking structures to maximize rankings across our keyword portfolio.



  • HTML + CSS + Javascript
  • Python
  • Google Data Studio
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Google Optimize


  • Competitor analysis
  • Keywords research


  • Chinese
  • English
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