Alicia Lee

I am a Taiwanese-American currently based in Singapore. After working on several research projects in tissue engineering and drug delivery in the US, I moved to Singapore, where, driven by the burning desire to do my part in addressing the environmental crises that we are facing, I have formed a greentech start-up.

Although my cofounder and I have made the difficult decision to shut down our company due to coronavirus-related reasons, I hope to continue working at the intersection of biotechnology and environmental sustainability/wildlife conservation, whether it be as an entrepreneur or by transitioning to the marine biology or veterinary sectors. I also hope to one day return to my homeland, Taiwan, and contribute to its development.

Biotech/Greentech Entrepreneur
[email protected]


Rutgers University, Bachelor of Engineering (BEng), Biomedical Engineering, 2012 ~ 2016

Major in Biomedical Engineering
Minor in Business Administration

Lab/Research Experience

Taraph Technologies, Co-founder and CTO, May 2019 ~ Present

  • Implementing the technology strategy of the company to provide greentech solutions for plastic waste recycling
  • Developing bioprocessing workflows through media formulation, strain characterization, and assay development
  • Engaging directly with team members, investors, potential customers, and other stakeholders to establish and maintain strong relationships

Nanyang Technological University, Project Officer, Dec 2016 ~ Jul 2018

  • Optimized electrospinning conditions of core-shell nanofibers for controlled dual delivery of insulin and permeation enhancers
  • Evaluated drug carrier transport using buccal and intestinal epithelial cell delivery models
  • Developed liposomal and polymeric carriers for oral delivery of insulin
  • Mentored one intern and one Final Year Project student

Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine, SRF Summer Scholar, May 2016 ~ Aug 2016

  • Optimized renal tubule formation of primary human renal cells in 3D culture
  • Incorporated optimized culture conditions with vascular scaffolds to create pre-vascularized partial renal constructs

Rutgers Center for Innovative Ventures of Emerging Technology, Innovative Senior Design Researcher, Sep 2015 ~ May 2016

  • Collaborated with Senior Design team members to develop a fusion nanoparticle for improvement of diabetic wound healing and to optimize the protein purification protocol using a novel protein purification process
  • Completed CIVET's Innovation and Entrepreneurship course, in which we analyzed market, regulatory, and patenting issues for the technology that we were developing in order to prepare for its translation to industry

Rutgers University, Undergraduate Research Assistant, Mar 2014 ~ May 2016

  • Developed a cellular in vitro model of loose connective tissue mimics for studying the mechanotransduction pathways in acupuncture
  • Analyzed mechanical data and polarized light imaging data in MATLAB

Johns Hopkins Institute for Nanobiotechnology, Summer Research Intern, Jun 2015 ~ Aug 2015

  • Developed and characterized drug-loaded nanofiber-hydrogel composites for inhibiting cancer stem cell migration after tumor resection
  • Evaluated in vitro biological response to composites using tumor samples in 3D culture

Rutgers Stem Cell Research Center, Undergraduate Research Assistant, May 2013 ~ Dec 2013

  • Co-led hands-on training course in stem cell culture for twenty post-doctorates
  • Collaborated with other undergraduate research assistants to optimize the production of induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) using a single polycistronic plasmid

Other Experience

Entrepreneur First, Founder in Residence, Jul 2018 ~ May 2019

Identified business case and validated customer needs for future deep tech start-up company

Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium, Marine Experimental Research Facility Intern, Sep 2016 ~ Nov 2016

  • Maintained life support systems for captive elasmobranch research projects
  • Performed animal husbandry and behavior training tasks for nurse sharks, Atlantic rays, and spotted eagle rays

Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, Clinical Immersion Program Participant, Jan 2016 ~ Jan 2016

  • Shadowed surgeons and nurses for two weeks during medical procedures
  • Formulated and logged innovative ideas for improving hospital and the operating room workflows

Flemington Veterinary Hospital, Volunteer, 2015 - 2016

  • Shadowed veterinarians and support staff during medical procedures and daily interactions with patients and customers

Prosidyan Inc, Research and Development Associate (Temp), Sep 2015 ~ Dec 2015

  • Assisted with operations and the development of new and existing bone graft products
  • Created and organized database of scientific literature

Kumon North America, Teaching Assistant, Jan 2006 ~ Jan 2014

  • Tutored students in grades PreK-12 in math, writing, and reading comprehension
  • Graded students' work and adjusted curriculum as determined after communicating, Instructor, and students' parents
  • Fulfilled administrative duties and supervised other Teaching Assistants


Lee, A. and Liew, M.S. Ecologically derived waste management of conventional plastics. Journal of Material Cycles and Waste Management. 2020; 22: 1-10.


  • Language: English (native), Mandarin (fluent)
  • Laboratory: Cell culture; Confocal Microscopy; DNA/RNA Extraction; Electrospinning; ELISA; Fluorescence microscopy; Gel electrophoresis; GPC; hiPSC induction and maintenance; Histology; HPLC; Immunohistochemistry; Microbiology; PCR; SEM; Transfection; Western blot 
  • Other: Elasmobranch husbandry; PADI Advanced Open Water Diver; Public speaking; Social media outreach

Extracurricular Activities

NTU Lion and Dragon Dance Troupe (2017 - Present)

Perform lion and dragon dances throughout public and private venues in Singapore

Outreach for Taiwan (2014 - 2016)

  • Organized rallies and other events to promote Taiwanese grassroots activism
  • Wrote and published articles on organization's website and newsletter

Alpha Eta Mu Beta (2014 - 2015)

  • Maintained online records of executive board meeting notes
  • Collaborated with other board members to streamline Senior Design project application process and to promote interaction between faculty and students

Rutgers Chinese Dance Troupe (2012 - 2014)

  • Managed troupe's email account and social media platforms
  • Organized troupe's performance schedule
  • Collaborated with fellow executive board members to organize troupe's annual NYC Workshop and public Showcase

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