Alenna Dawn

Project Manager  •  City, PH  •  [email protected]

I infuse culture with engineering practices to build and launch products with efficiency and scale in mind— all through quick, targeted campaigns, optimization projects, and experimentation. I firmly believe the key to driving products to be the best in the industry is process-oriented problem solving combined with creativity + collaboration + conversations.

I've spent the last years utilizing my diverse background (Engineer by training who worked in the non-profit side of technology and engineering who loves to start conversations and has a heaping dose of empathy? You're looking at her!) to help companies drive impact and make real differences.

If you're curious to know more, I would love to get in touch!

Work Experience

Asian Development Bank, Project Consultant: Digital Innovation Sandbox, Apr 2020 ~ Present

With the newly launched virtual hackathon under the Information Technology Department, I spearheaded the development of a community engagement plan to understand the unique perspective of the target audience in order to improve the interaction with ADB which will include activities designed to build these relationships. I devised strategies for establishment of community and monitor through evaluation of strategic undertakings. I provided leadership on operations relating to the community’s partnerships, tie-ups, collaborations, and representation through identification and mapping of key partners. The analytics stayed relevant as we aligned to the changes in the business and industry, creating a narrative and results that were both plausible and had measurable impact in application. Together with the Digital Innovation Sandbox team, we launched and implemented challenges under the 9-month hackathon for the open innovation platform to crowdsource ideas and solutions.

Runbnb, Marketing Director, Dec 2018 ~ Feb 2020

I honed deep expertise in portfolio company value creation for technology and services. My additional capabilities include creating growth strategies, digital capabilities, brand sales and marketing strategies, and partnership strategies. Throughout my tenure with Runbnb, I have been actively involved in the company’s social impact efforts. I led and crafted impact-driven company values giving the organization an identity and purpose to align with as we serve our customers/users. With my technical background, I worked with the company to determine the technology capabilities needed to support our long-term goals and thrive in a digital age. What led me to be promoted by our CSO into another role as the product manager was the fact that I hold particular expertise in IT capabilities, services and strategies, as well as omni-channel strategies. I created and led our product transformation with the mission to build and deploy technology-driven innovations to increase efficiency through a creative process. I articulated the vision leveraging artful storytelling approaches to drive adoption of the company’s product.

Bay Area Blockchain Experts, Brand Ambassador, Sep 2018 ~ Feb 2020

As part of our expansion strategy, I conducted research to proactively identify trends and other business insights, turning insights into actionable and quantifiable opportunities. I met with executive leadership, gathering and addressing business requirements. I generated and closed leads by building a strong relationship with the clients. Apart from conducting case studies, I created user stories and a proof of concept prototype as the product owner.

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