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Alessio Cifani

A nerdy guy passionate about videogames. I have creative mind and a strong scientific background. I have been working for 3 years (and counting!) in esports industry, planning both online and offline competitions, managing teams up to 50 people, managing budgets and accounting clients as sponsors and tech partners.

Project Manager
Bolzano, IT
[email protected]

Work Experience

Project Manager at Progaming Italia - ESL Italy | Sept 2016 - Present

Project manager and event planner in videogames industry. In charge of TV production and ADV planning. In charge of Italian Esoprts Open and ESL Italy National Championship.

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Master in Social Media and Community Management | 2013 

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Bachelor Degree in Physics | 2002 - 2007 

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Something I have been working on:

ESL Italia Championship 

I have been managing Italy's most famous esports competition in the last two years. Each year is made of two seasons having both online matches and offline events on 4 games. As a project manager I have been coordinating league operations, communication, relationship with game publishers and video production. During summer season finals 2018 my crew counted 84 people.

Italian Esports Open

I have been managing the most important international competition in Italy, hold during Lucca Comics and Games fair in a desacrated church. As a project manager I have worked on event concept, schedule, team managing, talent scouting for host, analyst desk and caster desk and took care of coordinate video production, event setup and travel and accomodation for players.

Clash Royale Crown Championship Italian Localization 

I was in charge of Italian production for Supercell's global esports competition. I have been working on studio design and setup, video production, talent scouting for broadcasting and was responsible for other European teams relationship in order to have consistent shows all over Europe.


Crunching Numbers

Due to my scientific background, I'm very good at planning and allocating budgets, analyzing data and get relevant indicators out of a huge set of info. 

Managing Teams

I have been working with a variety of crews, like league ops staff, video production staff and social media staff, both on site and remotely, and always had things done right.


In events management you have to deal with a wide range of things that have to be carried on at the same time  in order to have a top notch outcome.

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