Alexander Fast, Ph.D.

Developed solutions for different optical imaging and sensing applications from concept to working prototype. Design and sourcing of complete platforms including mechanical, optical, electronic, firmware and software analysis components. Seven years of experience with optical systems engineering and working in fast pace environments leading small teams and managing projects. Over 30 peer reviewed publications and conference proceedings in multiple fields including biomedical optics, photovoltaic materials, single-molecule chemistry and investigative dermatology.

Integrated deep learning based image analysis to push boundaries of the hardware limitations in microscopy. Signal-to-noise enhancement and semantic segmentation for machine vision applications.

Extensive understanding of human skin physiology, function, its spectroscopic signatures and metabolic behavior.

  Irvine, CA, USA     

Work Experience

Chief Technology Officer


October 2020 - Present
Irvine, CA USA

Received $263,000 through a non-dilutive SBA funding program for testing, validation and further optimization of the technology I helped develop during my postdoctoral research.

Lead research and development engineer. Designed and developed a next generation of FLAME imaging platform for non-invasive skin imaging. Integrated novel and optimized solutions for volumetric imaging, optical fiber light delivery, pulse compression and fast power control.

T32 Postdoctoral Fellow

Beckman Laser Institute

March 2019 - September 2020
Irvine, CA USA 

Designed and developed a clinical microscope platform for noninvasive human skin imaging. Integrated a novel approach to rapid functional imaging with molecular contrast. System packaged into a compact portable unit and optimized for skin imaging in a clinical setting. Main applications include pigmented lesion oncological diagnosis and monitoring, pigmentation disorders, inflammatory conditions as well many applications for clinical and pharmaceutical research.

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School

November 2017 - March 2019
Boston, MA USA 

Designing advanced nonlinear microscopic tools for medical imaging. Secured a partnership with a fiber laser manufacturer and designed and built a coherent Raman microscope powered by the fiber source. System currently in first in-human testing.
Studied ex vivo human tissue with nonlinear optical microscopy and the response to topical drugs including quantifying delivery and understanding the pathway.

Graduate Student Researcher

UC Irvine

October 2012 - August 2017
Irvine, CA USA 

Developed a novel surface enhanced Coherent Raman microscopy technique. Demonstrated the sub diffraction limit axial sectioning with chemical contrast on simple gold coated cover slips. Wide field excitation with fast camera based detection was applied to measuring cell membranes and protein dynamics. Optical geometry was further utilized in a different microscopic system tailored for surface sensing.



  • Research and development
  • Optical and Electronic Systems Design
  • Programming in Python, MATLAB, Mathematica
  • Experience with Zemax, SolidWorks, 3DOptix
  • Project Management with Slack, Hive
  • Written and verbal communication

  • English — Native or Bilingual
  • Russian — Native or Bilingual
  • German — Professional
  • French — Professional


2012 - 2017

University of California

Doctor of Philosophy PhD Physical Chemistry

2007 - 2012

M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University

Master's degree Physical Chemistry

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