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Asian Americans Experiencing Discrimination Due to COVID-19

Alfonso Rembert is a California-based social justice advocate who founded Rembert's Worldwide Networking, LLC. Through this company, Alfonso Rembert works to educate and influence the public on important social issues such as equality and discrimination, among other very important issues.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made life challenging for the whole world, and this includes everyone. As you may well know, the coronavirus originated in China and has often been referred to as the “Chinese virus” by President Donald Trump, and due his extremely illresponsible public statements many Asian Americans have been subjected to discrimination. On March 19, a coalition comprised of civil rights groups, including Chinese for Affirmative Action, launched a website to track COVID-19-related discriminatory attacks against Asian Americans. More than 40 instances were reported within 24 hours.

NBC Bay Area interviewed one Asian American who alleged that she was spit on and harassed by a stranger simply because of her ethnicity, and it's completely absurd and outrageous that this gross bigotry is being intentionally generated by a U.S. President. To which, similar attacks have been portrayed in viral videos, whereas one very despicable act involved a man confronting an Asian American in a Target store after he coughed.

Rembert's Worldwide Networking is dedicated to educate and unite all people so the world can be a much more enjoyable and safer place to live. The coalition of decency that Rembert's Worldwide Networking is forming throughout the world will tremendously change the game of the filthy rich getting richer at the vicious expense of creating an epidemic of worldwide poverty, and that in turn produces immeasurable evilness in the world.

In regards to the Coronavirus Pandemic, one issue that needs to be addressed to dispel those racist myths about the virus, and provide help to victims desperately seeking help. Rembert's Worldwide Networking is also reaching out to elected officials to help educate the public about the virus, along with resulting race-oriented microaggressions. California Governor Gavin Newsom has already denounced the racist attacks described above, and this website is devoted to fighting against all forms of injustices, systematic corruption, and all types of cruelty.

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