Allen Chen

iOS App Developer

 New Taipei City


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Fitness appointment

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 Statistical charts by using FireBase Database.

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Thunder Mall

Business to customer apparel

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Software iOS Engineer 2019/11 - 2020/10

  • Software package development 
  • Information Security Research


Research & Design 2016/10 - 2019/3

  • Mould Design
  • PTFE Coating process development


Research & Design 2014/10 - 2016/7

  • Oven Design 
  • Oven Handover



Programming language: Swift、Objective-C 、Java。 

Integrated development environment: Xcode、Eclipse。 

database: MySQL、FireBase。 

Reverse analysis: Cydia、MachOView、Reveal、Hopper、IDA。

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2008/07 ~ 2012/07

Tamkang University, Bachelor's degree, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

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2019/03 ~ 2019/07

Institute for Information Industry,
Smart App Development Engineer Class

About me

I majored in the Department of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering in college, and  also has compulsory C language, MATLAB, computer theory, logic design and other common information-related subjects. After graduation, I have been engaged in institutional design-related work for about four years. Because I have a strong interest in App development, I went to Institute for Information Industry, participated in the smart app development engineer training class and completed a hybrid app with teamwork. 

After finishing the training, I went to Henyi Information Company to carry out the reverse development of iOS. Compared with the framework in the past, I pay more attention to the underlying principles. I can use static analysis and dynamic adjustment to install plug-in which can auto-comment on App Store and so on .I can demo on site.

I pay attention to the atmosphere of teamwork and believe that attitude is everything. In the future, I am willing to use my time off work to refine my skills and create the greatest benefits for the company.

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