Alley Chang

         Backend Engineer

Interdisciplinary profession of Medical and Software Engineering, a fast learner with curiosity. Proficient in Javascript, but open to learning any language.

   [email protected]    0910598080


   Node.js       Express      CSS      HTML     Heroku

   MySQL     MongoDB     Sequelize      GitHub      Docker   

Related Projects

Alphitter,  website / GitHub

     A social media platform inspired by Twitter. Users can create post, reply 
     to post, un/like post, and un/follow other accounts.

     Setting SQL database and seed data, implement API-authentication with 
     JWT,  create RESTful APIs using Node.js, Express, Sequelize, and MySQL. 
     Also, using Multer to upload image to third-party(Imgur).

【Tech Stack】

 x  x  x  x   



     Web Development Program (Backend) 

       Alpha Camp

       2022.03 - 2022.10

  Python - 輕鬆學會寫程式




Mackay Medical College

2011 - 2015

Work Experience

Registered NurseHsinchu Mackay Memorial Hospital

2015.08 - 2022.03

  • Participated in the designing of DaVinci Surgery training plan, and assisted in the establishment of DaVinci  teaching system through holding courses for 30 members who are all capable of operating DaVinci machine independently within one year.
  • Participated in quality management of infection control in operating room during pandemic, quickly adjusted strategy and standard process for responding government's policy. 
  • Collaborating with other members to provide perioperative care to patient, integrating resources and solving emergent incidents during surgery.
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