Amanda Rowell

Senior Sales Consultant

  Minden, LA 71055, USA

Highly skilled and experienced Sales Consultant with extensive knowledge in the automotive industry as well as professional and personal marketing. However, I am excited and eager to excel in any industry where I can utilize my experience, knowledge and skills to enhance your company. I understand the importance of the clients wants and needs which allows me to gain a stronger, genuine relationship with the client in turn benefiting the company's growth. In my experience, I rely highly on referrals and repeat business to secure future accounts therefore customer service is always my priority. I am a hardworking individual who sets foundational goals and strives for greater heights. I enjoy challenging myself, finding new avenues to continue my education, and I pride myself in being able to work independently as I strategize and execute without being micromanaged while surpassing company wide goals. I have high earnings expectations and like to be judged on my individual performance and enjoy earning job related rewards based on my effort and ability to execute in the position. I'm looking to join the team of a successful company who's under strong leadership who can help guide my development and recognizes their top performers, resulting in a long-term relationship and partnership with continuing growth.


Work Experience

Senior Sales Consultant  •  Jimmy Granger Used Cars

June 2021 - Present

I was approached and offered a position with this company by a former manager of mine at a previous dealership due to my work ethic, goal minded mentality and strong work ethic. At Jimmy Granger I work efficiently to exceed sales expectations, surpass goals and build client relationships in order to gain future business. Although I follow the 12 step sales process, I feel it is my obligation to provide a new, different, fun and exciting buying EXPERIENCE for my clients. I find new ways to present my product, exceed the clients previous experiences and maintain profitable for the company. I work alongside management to guide me in these decisions and build team relationships to create a healthy and happy working environment. For my clients, I continue our relationship past the day of sale by using tools (such as a DMS, personal planner, and online planning guides) to make the customer feel important by sending thank you cards by mail, videos on their birthday and well wishes if they mention a big event coming up. I go above and beyond to make the customer feel heard and understood while I help guide them in their decision making process (while holding all the gross, of course).

Senior Sales Leader  •  John Mckee Car Giant

February 2019 - June 2021

As this position is very close to the position I currently hold, I followed all of the same procedures and provided the same experience for my clients. The most mentionable difference here is that I was chosen to be part of a team that opened and operated a brand new location for the company which resulted in learning new, fun and exciting ways to obtain new business. Also, they hired an all entry level sales team that I helped train and educate. This was new for me, however I excelled in teambuilding while still maintaining and exceeding my personal sales and goals. I was recognized company wide for completing over 40 hours of optional sales training that was mostly obtained on personal time. Shortly thereafter they made the training mandatory. During my employment at John Mckee Car Giant, there were only 5 months total that I personally was not the top salesperson of my dealership location and approximately 7 months that I wasn't top salesperson of the company that included 4 locations. Another personal goal that I exceeded at Car Giant was bringing in my own clients from personal networking and social media marketing. The last 6 months prior to leaving the company, my average for strictly personal clients (that the dealership did not provide in any way) was over 80% per month.

Sales Consultant  •  Carroway Pre-Owned of Minden

April 2018 - February 2019

As the 12 step sales process doesn't change at all from dealership to dealership, my duties didn't differ much at Carroway. However as a small, locally owned dealership, my duties also often included washing cars, signing customers, inventory management and delivering vehicles across several states. Here I learned you're never too good to get your hands a little dirty. After all, to complete a successful sale with a happy client, all of these things had to be done to make it happen, so I did.

Marketing  •  Professional Home Health

March 2011 - April 2018

In this position, I was expected to meet daily, weekly and monthly goals such as: Setting and showing up for a certain number of physician "sit downs" (where I had about 10 minutes to explain why they should choose my home health company over the next that provides the same services as myself), patient intake as well as having at least 3 events per week at one of the facilities that I frequented and working with my team to increase monthly productivity. I covered a 70 mile radius of doctor's offices, hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities and therapy centers. This required me to travel frequently, create and accomplish a very tight schedule with quick approaching deadlines. This position also taught me how to work alongside co-workers with a strong team mentality, working together to accomplish a goal but also competing to outdo other team members in order to receive awards, bonuses and growth opportunity.


Minden High School

General Education

2000 - 2004


  • Sales & Customer Service
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Sales Operations
  • Communication
  • Entrepreneurship Development
  • Marketing Communications
  • Marketing Communication
  • Client Relationship Management
  • Client Satisfaction
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Facebook Ads
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Social Media Platforms
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Social Skills
  • Time Management
  • Goal Focused
  • Goal Driven
  • Energetic
  • Hard Working
  • Networking
  • Detail Oriented
  • Planning and Implementation
  • Communication Skills
  • Relationship Management
  • Cold Calling and Email Campaigns
  • Lead Generation


  • English — Professional
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