Data Analyst

洪莉婷 Amber Hong

An enthusiastic learner and doer who believes in finding patterns through analysis can data be useful information that helps make better decisions and future predictions.

Acknowledged communication and problem-solving skills in different workplaces. Fluent in English and Mandarin.

  Taipei City, Taiwan  



- Data analysis & visualization
- Natural Language Processing

- Social media analytics

- Experiment design & statistics
- User experience
- Product analysis


OpenRefine, SPSS, MySQL, Tableau, Gephi, VosViewer, Microsoft 360

Programming Languages

Python, R, SQL


English Taiwanese

Work Experience

Research Assistant (Lab12)  •  National Taiwan University Department of Library and Information Science

July 2019 - Present

- Experienced in a complete data analysis process - using APIs to download bibliographic data from WoS (collection); pre-processing data as a research requires by OpenRefine/excel functions/Python/R (pre-processing); performing co-word/social network analysis by Gephi/VosViewer, performing text analysis by Python/R, analyzing data statically by SPSS (analysis); generating charts/graphs by excel or Tableau to help decision making (visualization).
- Teaching assistant for 3 courses -  Information Retrieval; Knowledge Management; Social Network Analysis and Visualization.
- Communicate research information to associated individuals and parties.
- Assist in writing/preparing portions of grant applications.

Editorial Assistant  •  Journal of Library and Information Studies

September 2020 - Present

- Proofread manuscripts to identify grammatical and spelling errors; fact checking both contents and in-text citations/references to ensure the academic writings follow APA formats.
- Update and maintain contents on the journal website.

Operation Management Intern  •  EBSCO Information Services Taiwan 

July 2018 - August 2018

- Conduct competitive product analysis to support strategy formulation, implementation, monitoring and adjustment.
- Use pivot tables to analyze the arriving and embargo situation of journals and successfully locate the unusual ones.
- Assist in demonstrating features and providing educational training of company's products for clients, mostly information professionals and library staff.
- Translate product documents and website content for clients and potential customers.
- The internship observation report from the Taiwan branch office was accepted for the first time and was published in the US company's newsletter (EIS Action! - September 2018).

Work-study Student  •  National Taiwan University Library (Collections and Preservation Division)

September 2015 - July 2018

- Assist in the transition of archives from closed stacks into the automatic storage & retrieval system of NTU library.
- Provide assistance to librarians in the maintenance of collections of books, periodicals, magazines, and newspapers.


Graduate School of Library and Information Science  •  National Taiwan University

Master's Degree. GPA: 4.2/4.3. 2019 - 2022.

/* Activities */
- Paper presented at the 12th International Conference of Digital Archives and Digital Humanities.
- Winning 1st place in the short speech category of ccClub 2020 Fall Final Project.
/* Projects */
- Using co-word network community detection and LDA topic model to extract topics on TED Talks.
- Using LDA topic model to discover the trending discussion on PTT Fitness board.
- Perspectives to the Future of Software Startups in the U.S.
A visualization of The World Happiness Report 2019.

What do people tweet about the pandemic disease COVID-19? 
Sentiment analysis of virus names and world's attitudes on Taiwan's inclusion in WHO/WHA. 
Exploring the effects of government's involvement on seniors' participation in lifelong learning programs.
/* Others */
- Graduate representative of the department. (2022)
- Student representative of the department. (2019-2020)

Department of Library and Information Science  •  National Taiwan University 

Bachelor's Degree. Knowledge Management (Program), Chinese-English Translation and Interpretation (Program). GPA: 4/4.3. 2015 - 2019.

- Organize a graduation ceremony of the department for 120+ people.
- Volunteer for NTU international student reception.
- Volunteer in International Companions for Learning Program, Ministry of Education.
- Manage a summer camp of 100+ college students to provide teaching service for a rural  elementary school.
- User experience evaluation of the new retrieval system (SLIM) of National Taiwan University Library.
- Exploring the influence of a trailer-based and collaborative filtering recommendation strategy on people's willingness to watch films - Taking Taiwan documentaries as an example. 
- Competitive intelligence analysis of mobile payment products in Taiwan: A case study of JKOPay.


Issued February 2015・No Expiration Date

TOEIC - Gold Certificate (940)

Educational Testing Service (ETS)

Issued July 2014・No Expiration Date

GEPT - High-Intermediate

The Language Training and Testing Center (LTTC)


Please visit the link below for my latest projects, most of which are data mining / analysis / visualization related. I also have experience in experiment design & statistics, user experience and product analysis, and the associated works will also be uploaded later in the future.

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