2021.05 ~ 2022.01 - Software Engineer - Glasnostic


  • Implement account-management functionality(change name, change username, change password ... etc.)
  • Implement 2/3 organization and team page of account-management page(include create, delete, update), similar to GitHub's organization and team page
  • Improve theme color system(support OS system color preference)
  • Upgrade system version(Node.js 14, AngularJS 12, NG-ZORRO 12)


  • Refactor logging system of current system(build-in log to logrus)
  • Use GRPC to build segmentation for auto filter traffic
  • Implement user avatar service(upload, get, update avatar)
  • Upgrade system version(Go 1.17)

2020.06 ~ 2020.12 - Software Engineer Intern - Industrial Technology Research Institute

Implement Re-identification car system with Tensorflow and Faiss

2019.06 ~ 2020.06 - Software Engineer of Industry-Academy Cooperation - Tatung University

We help to develop a machine dog for elderly care solution, include the following

  • Build a machine dog for each customer
  • Implement real time socket server/client for facial recognition, body action recognition, emergency call out ... etc.
  • Setup developing environment for other engineers(docker environment, our customer welcome page, gitea, nginx)

I built about 80% of the above construction

2018.06 ~ 2018.09 - Software Engineer Intern - Hgiga

Re-write old .NET website to PHP

Migrate database

2020.02 ~ 2020.06 - Object Oriented Programming Teaching assistant - Tatung University

Instructional Evaluation: 4.39/5.0(Total class students: 62 students)


2020 ACM-ICPC Asia Taipei-Hisnchu Regional Contest - Honorable Mention

2017 ACM-ICPC Asia Hua-Lien Regional Contest - Honorable Mention

2020 ACM-ICPC Taiwan National Contest for Private University - Silver Medal

2017 ACM-ICPC Taiwan National Contest for Private University - Honorable Mention

2019 全國大專校院軟體創作競賽 - Merit Award

2019 大四專題作品競賽 - The High Distinction Award

2017 ACM-ICPC Asia Hua-Lien Taiwan Online Programming Contest

Open Source Project

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Using python, YOLOv3, LSTM and OpenPose to implement real time sports analysis program(in this case we use basketball) 
In our implementation, we provide GUI(Graphic User Interface), using WxPython to build with and have the following features

  • multiple input source(live camera, video)
  • i18n(traditional chinese, english) using gettext library 

According to our statistics, the accuracy of YOLOv3 is 80.5%, which contain the person, the basketball and the basket ring. And the accuracy of LSTM is 99.5%. Overall there’s still room for improvement


This project is an online IDE for C/C++, written in PHP, CodeMirror and JavaScript, with Nginx as http server. 
Since we use Docker to build a sandbox-like environment to run our website, it’s safe to let user run code in it; it also have some social network features to let people discuss other’s code. 
On registration implementation, we decide to add Google OAuth 2.0 API as one of the choice, which gives user a more convenient way to do it

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2016.09 ~ 2020.06 Bachelor of Computer Science and Information Engineering, Tatung University

Rank – 17/130
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