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 E-mail: [email protected]


One experienced back-end software engineer seeking opportunities to apply backend development skills and knowledge.


  • Advanced level in C and Go programming language.
  • Experienced with api server developement using gin framework and postgresql.
  • Intermediate level in common software developement tools, such as git, bash, docker.


gogolive (still under developement)  

  • Aim to build a live streaming platform by golang without any framework.
  • Implement rtmp handshake and chunk mechanism after studying adobe RTMP specification from scratch.
  • More features are under development.   

- Keyword: golang, live streaming, RTMP Protocol, network programming, self learning skill

- Link:   

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Master thesis

Intelligent Mechanism for User Behavior Analysis in Linux Security Module
In order to protect the sensitive data, the goal of my research is to build a strong and powerful security framework which not only blocks malicious behavior intelligently in kernel level, but also remain the flexbility.
  • Hook the file related operations and network operations in Linux Security Module framework.
  • Use hierarchical clustering algorithm to analyze user login time and login duration to detect malicious activities.
  • Provide an interface for userspace algorithm to communicate with Linux Security Module through the Linux sysfs file system.

- Keyword: C, Linux kernel programming, Linux Security Module

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Shingnan website

  • Re-brand a traditional eyewear retailer onto internet.
  • Communicate with client to determine requirements, implement software solutions; end results fit client's business needs.
  • Build the website which is able to create post, display products and show the store information. The web frontend use Bootstrap4, backend use PHP with smarty template and use MYSQL as database.
  • Manage a team of lab members who are involved in the development of the website, android app and ios app.

- Keyword: PHP, Bootstrap4, MySQL, leadership, good communciation skill

- Link:  

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National Cheng Kung University, Master, 2017 ~ 2019

Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering

National Kaohsiung First University of Science and Technology, Bachelor,  2013 ~ 2017

Department of Computer and Communication Engineering

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