Anatoly Vanetik

Anatoly Vanetik is a businessman and venture capitalist with global experience in investing, consulting, and growing companies around the world. He brings over 25 years of professional experience in the oil and gas industry, where he became known as a leader in the industry. Anatoly is the President of his consulting firm, Vanetik & Associates, which helps other oil and gas professionals to achieve success in the industry. Vanetik attended Kiev University, where he received his Master's Degree in Mechanical Engineering.


Vanetik & Associates
Orange, CA
[email protected]

Work Experience

Vanetik and Associates, Founder, Jan 1995 ~ Present

Vanetik & Associates is a venture and consulting firm in the resource industry. In his role as President, Anatoly focuses on overseeing the company on a broad scale weighing in on important business and administrative decisions to ensure the future success and sustainability of the business at large.

Componex Corp, Founder, Jan 1980 ~ 1988

After completing his degree in mechanical engineering, Anatoly created his own company, called Componex Corp. He worked there until 1988, where he sold the company. 

Poladyne Corporation, Co-Founder & CEO

Anatoly Vanetik worked at Poladyne Corporation, a major proprietary lubricant manufacturing company.


Kiev University, 1974 ~ 1978

Master's Degree, Mechanical Engineering


Businessman Of The Year 

Business in the Former USSR Magazine

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Oil & Gas Industry

Anatoly Vanetik's professional background includes a meaningful career in the gas and oil industry. Anatoly opened a mechanical engineering firm in the 1980's, before selling it and pursuing another venture. Make sure to check out Anatoly's monthly blog on the gas and oil industry here.

Animal Welfare

Anatoly Vanetik has always been passionate about supporting animal welfare, and remains an active supporter. He has personally experienced the bond that people have with their animals with his own dogs. Keep up with his monthly blog on animal welfare here.

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Art History

In addition to his work in animal welfare, Anatoly Vanetik is also passionate about art history, and has acquired a strong background knowledge of how art has evolved over the years. Learn more about art history in his monthly blog by clicking here.


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Understanding Kitten Season & Adoption

Anatoly Vanetik talks about the importance of understanding kitten season, and what to know before adopting a kitten. See the original presentation here.

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3 Major Art History Programs In The United States

Anatoly Vanetik is an avid art history connoisseur, and enjoys learning the industry's incredible history. Most recently, he examined three major art history programs in the United States. See the original presentation on major art history programs in the United States here.

How To Help Pets With Chronic Health Issues

Anatoly Vanetik provides helpful tips on how to help pets with chronic health issues. See the original presentation here.

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Why Are Big Cat Rescue Efforts Important?

As a passionate advocate for animal welfare, Anatoly Vanetik put together this great presentation that examines the significance of big cat rescue efforts. See the original presentation here.