Andre Credit

Administrator with Student-Centered Philosophy 

An education administrator with a doctor of education from Walden University, Andre Credit has more than 15 years of experience helping to shape the educational operational framework of schools and school districts. In part influenced by his experience as an assistant principal and teacher, Andre Credit employs a philosophy of education rooted in the belief that every student can learn through effective leadership.

Fundamentally, Andre Credit believes an education administrator and superintendent must provide students with the necessary resources to learn and time-on-task to be an effective leader. A student-centered assistant principal, he has witnessed the connection between academic achievement and a school culture that fosters a genuine caring for students among its educators. To inspire a thoughtful and compassionate school culture, Dr. Credit is committed to leading by example and developing common goals and values, such as a healthy school environment, selfless-service, and courage, for teachers and students alike. He believes that the key to student success is to build an operational framework that inspires teamwork among all partners working together.

Houston, TX, US

Work Experience

Jul 2018 - Dec 2020

The Pro-Vision Academy


Aug 2010 - Apr 2020

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
Walden University

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