Andres Valencia

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CS Professional with 12+ years of experience translating customer requirements into products and services. I strive for cloud adoption and I am constantly looking for ways to share my knowledge and experience on how to reduce risks and maximize returns on technological challenges.

Discipline and Perseverance beat Intelligence.


Vanilla Javascript

AWS Architecture









User Interface design



Cloud architecture

REST Services






MsSQL server



Technical Architect, team lead - Xapo, Palo Alto California (remote). Nov 2017 - Present

- At Xapo, I oversee and implement end-to-end solutions for the Risk Team. I have contributed to architect and implement dashboards that process hundreds of daily operations that need manual review from risk analysts with complex resolution trees. To accomplish that, I have incorporated in the workflow: Tech designs, automation, streamlined frontend testing, components, automation and containers, among others. I work hand in hand with backend developers and DevOps to design and implement APIs, database schemas and Cloud best practices. Tools and frameworks that I use on a daily/weekly basis: React (ES6/7), Design systems, AWS lambdas (node and Python), Cloudfront, MySQL, Webpack, Flask, Node.js, Git, bash.

Senior Frontend engineer - AppDirect, Montreal, Canada. Jul 2015 - Oct 2017

- Designed and implemented the UI that enabled the marketplace to sell domains as a product by using third party integrations with providers like GoDaddy. - Architected components and UIs to handle the migration of thousands of users to the platform. - Contributed on the implementation of a strategy to attract more leads to the platform using Java components. - Mentored junior engineers and helped them become more productive and confident. - Actively participated in code reviews and provided feedback to fellow engineers by using clear examples of potential enhancements. - Provided streamlined UIs for product integrations with Google and Microsoft using js. - Increased the code coverage to go above 80% on every tasked implementation or refactor. - Actively participated on API design and implementation (mostly REST with SpringMVC). - Implemented React components for internal tools as well as stub servers for testing. - Propose modernizing the UI architecture implemented in Backbone to transition to React-Redux. - Introduced babel to allow testing the core internal frontend framework using ES6

Frontend engineer - AppDirect, Montreal, Canada. Jul 2014 - Jul 2015

- Contributed implementing the Billing Management UI of one of the most prominent Telco and media companies in Australia. From customer requirements to supporting the launch to production. - Crafted reusable components for several sections of the platform using Java, Backbone and MarionetteJS. - Improved and cleaned the SASS codebase decoupling styles making them reusable. - Enhanced multi-browser support. - Advocated for code readability and extensibility. - Created the first responsive layout to handle customer registrations for a big Telco marketplace in Germany. - Helped stabilize and minimize the bug count for European and APAC customers like Swisscom, Spark, Elisa, Telia, Telstra, Globe and Deutsche Telekom. - Improved internal Analytics UI - Contributed with the i18n of the marketplace.

Frontend engineer - IQVIA (formerly IMS Health), Kirkland, Canada 01 Aug 2012 - Jun 2014

Architected, developed and maintained the frontend for the custom dashboards using MVC patterns. Delivered high quality mock-ups and prototyped desktop and mobile web applications. Participated in the design of REST Services using .NET WCF on IIS Support REST Services by transforming the C# middle tier using LINQ and lambda expressions. Research, introduce and implement proofs of concept with new technologies, frameworks and methodologies for agile development, Test driven development, . Helped enhance the product UX and UI by approaching the application as the end user. Most used technologies and patterns in this position: .net, javascript, css3, html5, jQuery, C# REST services, MVC, AngularJS, iOS (iPad) web apps.

Frontend Engineer - Bizagi, Bogotá, Colombia Mar 2011 - May 2012

Collaborated on the front-end architecture of the company Business Process Management flagship product, for the iPad web application. Delivered high quality mock-ups and prototyped the web application with functional features and strong focus on mobile. Worked side by side with the back-end team to implement data access via REST services using .NET technologies. Worked closely with the design team to integrate, optimize and deliver state-of-the-art prototypes using JS, jQuery, HTML5 and CSS3. Embraced scrum agile methodology to set new levels of productivity, give fast response to customer needs and stay focused. Avoided micromanagement by being proactive and communicate effectively with the team staying synchronized all times. Researched, introduced and implemented proofs of concept with new technologies. Helped enhance the product UX and UI by applying the principles of responsive web design and approaching the application as the end user.


Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.), Computer Science

Universidad EAN (2003 - 2008)
Bogota - Colombia


Architecting on AWS
Microtek, NYC
Human-Computer Interaction

Javascript MVC
Bitovi, Mountain View, CA
The Data Scientist’s Toolbox


Readings 00 00@2x ce5676dabcce042724a6fc4c3413d6a86ad9c78eecb848896433e32c60b7006b


From this book I learned that passion an perseverance are key to be where you want to be in life.

A mind for numbers

A Mind for numbers

We are not born good with numbers, we become good at them and it's possible for everyone.

Sidestep and twist

Sidestep and twist

The biggest insight I got from this book is that product/services hits are usually not from disruptors or early adopters but instead from twisted and enhanced ideas.

The Alliance

The Alliance

Tour of duties and an honest relationship with your manager will be the way to have a healthy relationship and advance in your career.
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