Andrew Chen 陳柏安 

A Backend Developer in Dcard.

 [email protected]

 Native Chinese speaker with fluent English.

 Taipei, Taiwan                                                                                                                                                          

Skills and Experience

  • Skills: Node.js, Golang, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, ElasticSearch, React.js/Redux.
  • Backend development and Infrastructure
    • CI/CD. Dynamic schema management system. Authorization and permission control service. High performance ticket system, Message queue, E-commerce system.
    • Search Engine migration and tuning. Event driven data loader. Auto reindex. New Queries.
    • PostgreSQL and MognoDB Database tuning. Indices, shards, offline database.
    • Multi Layer cache design and control. Include memory cache, Redis cache, and CDN.
    • Guided a new startup built Node.js architecture. 
  • Frontend Development - Build e-commerce in app web view pages. Admin panels and some operation tools

Work Experience

Dcard, Backend developer. 2017 Jun - now

Taiwan biggest social media app. (App store)
Deeply work with infrastructure team, data team and my product manager.
Using: Golang, Node.js, GCP, k8s, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Redis, RabbitMQ, ElasticSearch, CloudFlare.
  • Search engine improvement. Event driven update elastic search document. Auto reindex when dictionary updated. Implemented a new and more complex query.
  • Database tuning. Tuning PostgreSQL index or MongoDB shards.
  • Built in house Node.js develop tools, project starter, and useful module.
  • Designed and implemented caches. Include memory cache, Redis cache, and CDN.
  • Designed and built a dynamic server-side config service. Handled complex business logic.
  • Built some CloudFlare worker to improve some APIs.
  • Built new reporting service with pretty nice reading speed and not bad writing performance.
  • Built subscribe feed system algorithm. Built new authorization and permission control service.
  • Built several new feature in our social media platform.
FullStack developer. 2017 Jun - 2018 Jul
Using: Node.js, GCP, Docker, React.js/Redux, MongoDB.
  • Work with the business development team. Demand analysis, discussion, planning, implement frontend and backend, testing and deployment the system
  • Built ticket service with MongoDB and RabbitMQ. It can handle 10,000 ticket draw in 1 min. 
  • Built dynamic survey and gift deliver service, handled multiple online campaigns.
  • Built e-commerce system. Include shop, cart, payment, delivery and required operation system.
  • Built physical event sign up and offline verify system.
  • Built schedule tasks service. Optimize business team work flow.

Hwaling, Technical support. Remote part-time job for 6 month.

Using: Node.js/Koa, GCP, Docker, React.js/Redux, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Redis.
  • Kind of consultant. Responsible on technical selection and code review.
  • Responsible on abstract data schema to be reusable in each case. 

FandoraShop, Backend developer intern, 2015 Dec - 2016 Aug

4 days a week, CEO/CTO is my mentor. Using: Node.js/Express, MariaDB, AWS, GraphQL
  • E-commerce backend service whole system refactor and migration.
  • Built delivery system. Built delivery notification system.
  • Built data pipeline and reports generators.
  • Cooperated with local bank, built a new subscribe service.

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