I am good at presentation and  full of patience. My research interest includes data science and deep neural network compression. When pursuing master’s degree, I have been a teaching assistant for calculus and a research assistant who focused on deep neural network compression and social network analysis.


Deep Neural Networks Compression

  • Implemented compression algorithms with the Pytorch framework.
  • Applied linearization to reduce the parameters in convolution layers and fully-connected layers.
  • Reduced at least 50% storage usage.
  • Increased 0.3% top-1 accuracy in ImageNet classification task.
  • Comprehensively analyzed the efficiency of the proposed compression scheme by calculus.
  • Outperformed the state-of-the-art algorithms published in IEEE journals (IEEE TNNLS).

Link Prediction for Social Recommendation

  • Utilized the regression model to predict hidden links between nodes in a social network.
  • Extracted features from the proximity of edges on a social network.
  • Defined criterion to seek hidden connections on the network.

College Credit Checker (project for NTUST)

  • Applied pandas to deal with excel raw data.
  • Designed a system to check student credits for graduation rule.
  • Mined the students’ interests from their course grades.


2019 - 2021

National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

M.S. in Electronics and Computer Engineering

Research interests: Machine learning, Social network analysis, Mathematical optimization


National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

B.S. in Electronics and Computer Engineering



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