Shang-I, Li

[email protected]

+886 905 298929

Hsinchu, Taiwan


National University of Kaohsiung, M.S., Computer Science, 2016 ~ 2019

I-Shou University, B.S., Computer Science, 2011 ~ 2015

Work experience

    I worked with "InnoComm Mobile Technology Corp" as a software engineer for 4 months. I was responsible for applications of driver and AI. I had some experience about touch panel's driver and used Convolutional Neural Networks(CNN) to develop a model for object detection on Android platform.


  • Machine Learning:
                 I applied neural network in financial field as my master's thesis. I used the network structure which called                           Long short-term Memory(LSTM), Taiwan's stock exchange data and technology of finance for forecasting 
             Taiwan's stock prices go up or down in the future.
  • Statistics
                 In machine learning field, one of the important thing is data. The data we collected usually can't be used 
             directly, so I learned the data analysis technology.
  • Program Languages:
        Python: There are many frameworks to achieve neural network like PyTorch, Tensorflow, etc. Those are 
                          Python-friendly open source library that make machine learning faster and easier.
             C++: When I was junior, I designed C++ code with sensor as my thesis for checking the temperature of 
                          environment, humidity, and motion detection. We improved its accuracy more about 7%.
    MATLAB: I reduced models from papers by using MATLAB that help me to check matrix and variable quickly. 
        MySQL: Data were important for research, so I learned the basic knowledges of database and its code                                            statements.

About me

    My name is Shang-I, I come from Kaohsiung. My hobbies are workout, cooking and read articles about hardware and software application. I feel a sense of accomplishment from learning new technology. Since junior, I did the thesis with my classmates. I learned how to handle my part of jobs independently. Furthermore, I also liked to discuss the problems we encountered and see how to solve or not. I realized that be an engineer need to think and learn anytime through this project.
    During studying master's degree, I encountered the first ordeal was choosing the research method for thesis. In our lab, my boss had used the technology which called Genetic algorithm(GA) for long time, but a new application of neural network named "AlphaGo" did a good job in Go field. It brought me a lot of afflatus, so I decided to convince my boss to use neural network in finance field. The second ordeal was applying neural network to high-frequency trading with Taiwan's stock exchange data. This kind of application was novel for Taiwan's stock exchange rules at the time, so I read many papers, articles and reduced models. Finally, I finished my master's thesis successfully.
    After graduated with master's degree, I fulfilled substitute military service in fire department for a year. I totally 
understood that "Life is precious" through participated in emergency medical service(EMS) and fire fighting.

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