I am a hardworking man and thirsty to learn. I like to survey different kind of knowledge and think about how things are implemented. And I have the experience to communicate with vendors, I think I am a multitasking worker.

目前職稱:Planning and Design Specialist
Phone: 0978-813658

E-mail: [email protected]


Chunghwa Telecom, Planning and Design Specialist, Dec 2020 ~ 現在

1. Design physical line to support fiber service for users.
2. Use ERP to manage network architecture.

就業情報資訊股份有限公司新竹分公司, Data Analyst, Apr 2020 ~ Dec 2020

1. Construct automated report for MediaTek users.
2. Cascade RDB and NoSQL database for further use.
3. Learning new technologies and share in MediaTek inner study group.

Formosa BP Chemicals Corp., AI Engineer, Oct 2018 ~ Dec 2019

1. Analyze the data received by large amounts of sensors, and use machine learning model to figure out the best operator parameters.
2. Maintain the database that stores the data of process parameters.
3. Survey related works to construct alarm system to predict when the process status would be bad.


National Chiao Tung University, 工學學士(BEng), Computer Science, 2011 ~ 2015

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