Liang Guan Cyun (Andy) 

Front-End / Back-End / Full Stack Web Developer
Taichung / Taipei, Taiwan
[email protected] | (+886) 938-582-883


  • 1.5 years of experience as a web developer, excel at HTML/CSS, JavaScript/TypeScript, React.
  • Maintained, and optimized a high load/high traffic 13-million-monthly-user web app using React, which empowered LGBTQ to have a better dating experience.
  • Collaborated closely with the global team of SWE, PM, and UI Designer to build web app products.
  • Led various software teams to reach target OKRs on multiple projects successfully.
  • Ability to work independently, design, and build the core features/APIs/structure of web apps. 

Work Experience

Software EngineerSoopahGenius, Inc. | 2021/03 - Present

  • Implemented a rich-functioned online video editor’s frontend independently using React / TypeScript.
  • Improved DX (Developer Experience) as measured reducing 95% operation time by configuring Webpack and importing hot-reloading, which accelerated the development speed.
  • Designed RESTful API and UI / UX of the web app with TypeScript, Axios, Django, and Swagger.
  • Enhanced codebase quality by setting up ESLint / Prettier, building reusable UI components.

Frontend Engineer InternGrindr Taiwan | 2020/07 - 2020/09

  • Participated in delivering new features, which brought 12% new users, with a cross-functional team.
  • Developed frontend/PWA of the promotion site about the company’s spirit independently using React.
  • Fixed the issues in package dependencies & unit-tests, recognized by my host Alexander Lin.
  • Maintained & optimized our main web app including fixing bugs and UI/UX improvements.

InternCTO.TW | 2018/01 - 2018/02

  • Connected Slack APIs with Node.js which was guided by CTO Joe Angel.
  • Built WordPress on GCE for practicing Linux and CMS.


Group Buy Helper (Graduation Project) - React.js, Flask, Ethereum

  • Led a 3-person software team to achieve planned OKRs and complete the web app, which increased the shopping experience among group buyers & shopkeepers by using cryptocurrency.
  • Developed the frontend independently with React, including UI, payment, and membership system.
  • Earned appreciation from the project evaluators and commented as a potential business model.

Label Template Designer (Side Project) - React.js, Flask

  • Act as the only frontend engineer.
  • Import the source code of open source "react-designer" and modify it to fit the requirements.
  • Connect the APIs with backend and support backend engineers finding out the bugs of APIs.

"Systems Analysis and Design" Final Project - Laravel, PHP, MySQL

  • Led a 5-person team and was in charge of the frontend & backend work.
  • Lead the team members from zero concepts of the web to complete the project with complete frontend & backend.
  • Collaborate with a famous finance holding company to develop their project dashboard.

Website Language Switcher (Side Project) - PHP

  • Act as the only full-stack developer.
  • Add website language switcher with open source packages.


  • Web Development: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript, React, Redux, Node.js, Django, Webpack, PHP, RWD, PWA, jQuery, Express, Laravel
  • Technical Skills: Python, C++, MySQL, MongoDB, Git, GitHub, Docker, Linux, GCE
  • Soft Skills: Leadership, Interpersonal Communication, Critical Thinking, Carefulness, Self-Teaching
  • Language: Chinese (native), English (fluent), Japanese (upper-intermediate) 


B.B.A. of Information Management, National Taiwan University

Taipei, Taiwan | 2017 - 2021

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