Anthony Zappin

Anthony Zappin is a literary genius and fine artist who is able to produce so many different sorts of non-conventional pictures. Everything he paints looks distinctive and appealing, in addition to how he is able to accomplish it all on his own.

Anthony Zappin was born on August 25, 1985 in Huntington, West Virginia. He graduated from Huntington High School in Huntington, West Virginia, and then studied at the Visual Arts Center at Marshall University (VAC). He received a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts from this institution.

When Anthony Zappin was a child, he frequented art museums and galleries. He saw so many artworks that it was simple to see. He wants to be an artist, but his paintings are distinct and unusual. He may create bright and interesting paintings as an artist. His paintings sold for $200 to $800 when he began his profession. In addition, he had a good start.

Zappin draws inspiration from mountains as well as everything in between in his paintings. He is able to make his abstract works stand out in a number of different ways, including using different shapes, colors, and patterns. In addition, he may make his work more interesting by using a theme. Zappin frequently uses psychology, nature, or popular culture as a subject in his paintings.

  Huntington, WV, USA


Work Experience

Abstract Painter  •  Zappin's Atelier

January 2005 - Present

From nature to pop culture to psychology, his work is inspired by everything. To make his work even more appealing, he uses bold colors to emphasise the exuberance of his paintings. He uses diverse shapes, colors, and patterns in one painting to make it stand out. He also adds a theme to his work to make it more intriguing. This might include psychology, nature, or pop culture, for example. In psychology, he emphasizes exuberance by using bold colors.


Marshall University, Huntington

Fine Arts

2003 - 2007

Huntington High School


1999 - 2003


  • Art
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  • English — Native or Bilingual