Guan-Ting, Ting  丁冠廷

Apply position : 2020 Summer Intern                                              Mobile: +886-934-311-291

12F., No. 34, Ln. 158, Guoqing Rd., Banqiao Dist., New Taipei City 220, Taiwan

[email protected]

Motive & Profile

Go-getter, passionate about technology, innovation and entrepreneurship. I'm eager to utilize my technical skills combine with AI/ML domain knowledge and create practical products for the real world. Most of all, I'm willing to develop values under company culture.


  • Coding
    • 3 years+ of coding experience on both C/C++ and Python. Experience on designing major projects about gaming and Logic Circuit layout in C/C++. 
  • Machine Learning
    • Machine Learning skills (Pytorch, Keras, Tensorflow, etc.) and Big data analysis skill with Python on multiple scenarios. (Attending 10+ Kaggle competitions, Crawling project using Beautifulsoup, Request)
  • Develop Tools
    • Familiar with version control on Git/Github and several in-depth experience in Docker and AWS virtual machine.(Deploy docker with ELK tool, Database management on AWS, etc.)
  • Language
    • Fluent in Mandarin(native), English(TOEIC 910, GEPT high-intermediate).


B.S. in Electrical Engineering (Major)                                                                     Taipei, Taiwan

Department of CS & EE, National Taiwan University                                                                   Sep. 2017 ~ Present

-Relevant Coursework: Algorithm Design and Analysis, Data Structure and Programming, Machine Learning, Introduction to Computer Networks, Embedded System Lab, Microelectronics and Circuits, Switching Circuits and Logic Design

Academic Research

Undergraduate Project - SLVS optimization                                                        Taipei, Taiwan

Network Security Lab, National Taiwan University                                                                    Mar. 2020 ~ Present  

  • Professor : Polly Huang (黃寶儀), NTUEE, NTUCSIE
  • Research Focus : 
    • Optimizing Social live video streaming applications(SLVS) in terms of video delivery, video encoding on existing platforms.
    • Enhancing Quality of experience(QoE) for time-shifted viewing by adopting scheduling, compress and encode techniques.
    • Hacking existing SLVS platform by probe(Wireshark) and conducting experiments to monitor video streaming packages.
    • Weekly meeting and research on relevant papers for getting in-depth domain knowledge in the field.

Creativity and Entrepreneurship Program                                                          Taipei, Taiwan

Design and Innovation School, National Taiwan University                                                     Sep. 2019 ~ Present

-Relevant Coursework: Product Design, Business Finance Management, Global Entrepreneurial Finance, Marketing Strategy, Business Model Planning

Work Experience

Cathay United Bank                                                                                                Taipei, Taiwan

Maintenance Engineer Intern, Data Science Team                                                   Nov. 2019 ~ Apr. 2020
  • Research in Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana and deploy the tool on complex system management.
  • Maintain log ingestion from different machines by Fillebeats.
  • Improve maintenance and performance for Data Science team.

Extracurricular Activities

Startup : Foodeast                                                                                                     Taipei, Taiwan

Co-Founder, CEO                                                                                                             Sep. 2019 ~ Present

  • Founded an online retail e-commerce focusing on cuisine and snack supply for both Southeast Asia population and people in Taiwan.
  • Designed the official website and user interface and conduct weekly meeting for startup routine work and team-building.

Study Club :  Master Machine Learning                                                                Taipei, Taiwan

Team Leader                                                                                                               Mar. 2020 ~ Present

  • Initiated 8 members to start a study circle focusing on solving Machine Learning problems and Big data analysis on different scenarios (News trend, Stock forecasting, Retail & E-commerce, etc.)
  • Responsible for briefing members on state-of-art Machine Learning techniques and lead the discussion on relevant papers bi-weekly. (ICLR, ICML, ICCV, CVPR, etc.)

Ladakh Volunteer Program                                                                                      Ladakh, India

Teaching Volunteer                                                                                                    Feb. 2018 ~ July 2018

  • Designed a 14-day learning program and taught over 200 students in Leh, Ladakh.
  • Responsible for lecturing lessons on Art of Music and conduct a workshop for children to create their own instruments by materials around life.


Foodeast website

  • Develop a vanilla website using HTML and Javascript to illustrate the merchandise of the E-commerce.
  • Develop user interface on mobile by using Adobe XD and improve the stability by mobile SDK.
  • Foodeast Website

Biomechanics Finger

  • Designed an embedded control systems using C-based micro controller(Arduino), multiple sensors and Integrated with circuit design.
  • The technical article about project had gained more than 1000 views on Instructable, one of most famous website about Maker.
  • Article website