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Anura Perera (Kenya)


Philanthropist and executive Anura Perera supervises the George Phylnormel Foundation, a charitable organization founded to honor his parents, George and Norma Perera. His efforts have directed charitable projects across the globe, including the construction of Buddhist centers in many locations. A noted sponsor of the Triple Gem Society, Anura Perera helped found the Theravada Buddhist Center, located in Nairobi, Kenya, also in memory of his parents. In collaboration with the Triple Gem Society, Mr. Perera not only financed a project to distribute 50 wheelchairs to disabled Kenyans, but also took on the responsibility of transportation, storage, and customs clearance for the equipment. Other charitable projects in Kenya include the construction of 55 permanent houses for families who lost their homes in violent political conflicts. 

 A native of Sri Lanka, Anura Perera often channels his charitable efforts to repairing the damages of civil war and the devastating 2004 tsunami. Through his unstinting support, villages, temples, schools, and homes have been rebuilt, health centers have opened, and livestock has been donated to Sri Lankan families in need. Anura Perera served as the sole sponsor of the Thirappanmaduwa Reservoir Dam renovation project. Damaged in the civil war, the reservoir now produces water for hundreds of acres of farmland, replenishing the livelihood of many families. 

 Anura Perera presently fills the position of Chairman of Raycom Aerospace Pte Ltd in Singapore; he joined the company in 2003. Since the organization's inception, Mr. Perera has expanded operations into the Middle East, and developed a new Quality Management System to improve the already high standard of Raycom aeronautical, gas, and oil extraction parts.


2003 - Present

Raycom Aerospace Pte. Ltd.


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