Pikri Anwar Nst

Chairman of CARYA CLASS

  Tangerang, Tangerang City, Banten, Indonesia

I am a student first year student at Prasetiya Mulya University who has a desire to develop myself through experience in organizing and interacting with others. I also have the ability in the field of event management and experience in planning events well. I also want to learn and improve myself to be a better person every day and be able to solve every problem that I get on and off campus.

Pengalaman Kerja

Januari 2023 - Maret 2023

Chairman of CARYA CLASS  Desember

Coordinates the CARYA CLASS 2023 event as
well as organize and organize the entire
series of events from start to finish, and is
responsible for the entire event


2022 - 2026

Universitas Prasetiya Mulya

Event Management


  • Microsoft Office
  • MS Excel
  • Word
  • Excel
  • Adobe Illustrator


  • English — Menengah
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