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Apex Legends, at present, has one map, but boy is it grand. The very layout of this map will make you go insane. You will find all kinds of waterfalls as well as military complexes on many different floors.There are grand settlements as well as wastelands present within this map. You will have a lot of fun, simply moving around this map. You have to move from one round to the next in order to survive in this game.The playable area shrinks continuously, providing a level playing field for all the gamers. There are areas of higher as well as lower loot within the map. You can get multiple Apex Packs with Apex Legends MOD apk.As you go into the end stage of the game, your gaming skills come in handy. The area of gameplay shrinks to a large extent and you need great communication skills as well as help from the Legends in order to win easily.There are two characters that you can unlock in this game and the process for that is somewhat laborious in nature. You only get a slight competitive advantage having these two legends. The squad-based battles in Apex Legends are simply the best in this genre.egends Tokens are a special type of currency in Apex Legends that can only be used to purchase cosmetic items. These tokens can be earned by playing the game or purchased with real money. The amount of Legends Tokens you earn depends on your rank and how many badges you have unlocked. There are also several different ways to spend Legends Tokens, including purchasing skins, finishers, banners, and more.legends Tokens are an important part of the Apex Legends economy, and they can be used to get some really cool cosmetic items. If you’re looking to add a little bit of flair to your game, then spending some Legends Tokens is definitely the way to go. So, get our latest Apex Legends MOD APK to get unlimited tokens for free!


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