Arco Hsieh

Hello, I'm a senior iOS developer about 3 years.

I love Swift and functional programming.

Senior iOS Developer
Taipei, Taiwan
[email protected]



  • Familiar with OOP / POP / FP
  • Familiar with MVC / MVVM / Redux architectures
  • Familiar with UIKit / SwiftUI
  • Familiar with famous third frameworks, like Alamofire / SnapKit / RxSwift / AsyncDisplayKit / Realm / Kingfisher
  • Familiar with Networking Layer
  • Familiar with Persistence Data Layer
  • Familiar with WebKit
  • Familiar with In-App-Purchase
  • Familiar with Xcode Unit Tests and TDD
  • Familiar with Git and Git Flow


  • I learned Swift over 3 years
  • Familiar with improving Swift code building performance
  • Familiar with class / struct / enum types
  • Familiar with functional programming in Swift
  • Familiar with Swift other features
  • Sometimes I read Swift source code to get new knowledge

Project Management

  • Using Git and Git Flow for source control
  • Using SourceTree and iTerm with Git
  • Using Dropbox Paper to write daily report
  • Using Trello to manage project status
  • Using Sketch and Zeplin to handle design problem
  • Communicate with Android / backend / designer frequently
  • Do daily report with my leader

Other Languages

  • Objective-C (read)
  • C# with Unity (read and write)
  • Python (read)
  • Ruby (read)
  • Markdown (read and write)

Work Experience

PressPlay, Senior iOS Developer, Aug 2017 ~ Mar 2019

About PressPlay: https://pressplay.cc

About the App: iOS PressPlay App

Build the iOS App from 0 to 1.

  • Implement MVVM Architecture with RxSwift in App 
  • Implement Networking Layer / Persistence Data Layer / ViewModel Layer 
  • Handle Push Notification 
  • Handle Chat message feature (text, image, file) in native app from 0 to 1 
  • Handle Audio Playing from 0 to 1 
  • Handle Universal Link to login or show page 
  • Handle Web communicate with native from 0 to 1 
  • Handle the beta to 1.0 design in iOS / Android App 
  • Handle communicate with UI / UX Design Handle PressPlay community feature (Design UI flow / UI / UX)
  • Interview new iOS developer

Readmoo, iOS Developer, May 2016 ~ May 2017

About Readmoo: https://readmoo.com

About the App: iOS Readmoo App

Help to build and maintain reader app 

  • Implement In-App-Purchase
  • Implement API Networking Service
  • Implement Home Page
  • Implement Reader
  • Refactor the App
  • Interview new iOS developer

You can find my git comments in https://github.com/eCrowdMedia/MooApi


2010.09.01 - 2014.07.01
Chinese Bachelor, 
Wuhan University


Projects 00 00@2x


Sutra is an App to help people to read sutras in iOS, like "Heart Sutra", "Diamond Sutra".

Try the App

Customized Setting

You can customized the reading style by yourself.

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Paragraph image 04 01@2x
Paragraph image 05 00@2x
Paragraph image 05 01@2x

Dark Mode

Sutra App also support dark mode in iOS 13. Why not have a try?


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