Arjun PP

Puthan purayil house
Kannur, Kerala

Technical skills

Languages:                              Python, C, C++, HTML/CSS

Frameworks:                           Django

Development Tools:              git, vim

Operating systems:               Linux, Windows


Completed 'Data Structures And Algorithms In Python' at NPTEL by IIT Madras (63%)       Course details

This course covered basic data structures (list, stack, queue, heap, BST etc) and algorithms (sorting, searching etc) using Python. It discusses Imperative, Functional , Object-oriented programming and Dynamic programming styles with Python.

Completed 'Introduction to Modern Application Development' at NPTEL by IIT Madras     Course details

This course covered the basics of modern application development. And it gave an introduction to the Internet, building a web application, databases, performance and security, and building a mobile application. 

Hobby projects

A simple blogging application using Django framework.

Polling application

A simple polling application where the user can add questions and choices into the webpage.

Academic Projects

Efficient and reliable data transmission using grade trust protocol in WSN

The proposed algorithm increases the WSN lifetime by replacing some of the sensor nodes that are not functioning. In addition to enhancing the active nodes and reducing the data losses, the diagnosis protocol reduces the relayed energy consumption by reducing the number of data relayed, as the replaced sensor nodes are usually used the most.

Tool Used: Network Simulator 2, OTCL (Object Oriented Tool Command Language)

A visual basic project for a Super Market Management System (Mini Project)

Academic Qualification

Graduation in BE Computer Science (2016)   - 70%

Anna University  

PU in Kerala state syllabus (2012)  - 80%

SSLC in Kerala state syllabus (2010) - 83%

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