Arthur Chuang

I am a mechanical engineer by training. Upon completion of a one-year co-op program during my master's study at IngMar Medical, a company specializing in design of respiratory simulators, I had developed a strong interest in programmable devices. Solving problems and bringing innovative solutions to meet end users' needs are my main goals as an engineer. My passion for engineering grows as I see products with my design effort become visible in the market.  

  Taipei City, Taiwan          [email protected]        +886 929385302


Python, C, JavaScript, MATLAB/Simulink, HTML/CSS


RS232, UART, I2C, Bluetooth Low Energy, HTTP, MQTT


Arduino, Raspberry Pi, BlueNRG-2 (ST)


Pressure: MPX2010 (NXP), Distance: EM2 (US Digital), G-sensor: KXCJK (Kionix)


University of Pittsburgh

MS in Mechanical Engineering

Thesis Title: Imaging Calcification in Cerebral Aneurysm Tissue – A Multi-Modal Approach Supervisor: Dr. Anne M. Robertson

2015 - 2018

University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign

BS in Mechanical Engineering

2010 - 2015


Fundamentals of Engineering Exam - Mechanical

Enrolled Professional Engineer Intern (License Number: 061038694)

Oct. 2015 - Present

經濟部產業人才能力鑑定(iPAS) - 物聯網應用工程師

Associate Level (License Number: Pending)


Nov. 2020 - Present


System Engineer  •  WeMo Scooter

May 2020 – January 2021 (Taipei, Taiwan)

➢ Implemented RS232, Bluetooth Low Energy, and UART protocols for scooter control
➢ Developed IoT watchdog to improve 4G LTE connection stability.
➢ Used Google Cloud Platform for storage and remote upload of scooter logs via HTTP requests.
➢ Devised algorithms in Python for system applications:
     Scooter raw data logging / Crash error management / Real-time calibration of g-sensor data 

Mechanical Design Engineer  •  Sercomm

July 2019 – May 2020 (Taipei, Taiwan)

 Supported product conceptualization, including mechanical layout, design, and selection of materials.
➢ Led design validation using multiple rapid prototyping processes.
➢ Provided comprehensive DFM feedback & approval, and technical documentation, prior to production.
➢ Coordinated supplier communication throughout the product life cycle.


AI Researcher Intern  •  AI

May 2018 – July 2018 (Taipei, Taiwan)

Devised control of a nano quadcopter (Crazyflie) for obstacle avoidance in Python.
Established communication using the MAVLink protocol with Pixhawk Flight Controller.
➢ Built and debugged the DJI F450 GPS Drone hardware.
Designed quadcopter frame to accommodate sensors, camera, and NVIDIA Jetson TX2 board.

Research and Development Engineering Intern  •  IngMar Medical

September 2016 – September 2017 (Pittsburgh, US)

➢ Devised tracheal intubation pressure tests with MPX2010 (NXP), and used TCP/IP for data collection.
➢ Designed the mechanical frame and control of Mucus Dispenser, sponsored by Air Force C-STARS.
➢ Engaged in validation and verification testing prior to release of new company software/hardware.
➢ Conducted failure mode analysis on hardware designs with CFD and FEA tools.

Equipment Engineering Intern  •  ASE Group

June 2014 – August 2014 (Kaohsiung, Taiwan)

Supported design conceptualization for the vacuum system in wire bonder and die attach equipment.
Performed mechanical maintenance on high precision machining components at MEMS cleanroom.
➢ Debugged the operator-machine software interface at MEMS manufacturing lines.
Identified, indexed and replaced machining parts to avoid critical manufacturing defects.


Mucus Dispenser 

Provided respiratory therapists in training with a patient model to simulate patient cough and mucus discharge during intubation.  

WeMo Parking Lot

Integrated the WeMo Sentinel Box with the public parking system across Taipei to receive and process WeMo user requests.

Smart City Drone

Used off-the-shelf parts to build a functional drone, and established communication with the MAVLink protocol for general flight control.

Algorithm test on valid scoops

Devised algorithms in MATLAB to find the most optimal and valid manipulator placement for scooping convex objects.  

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