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Ashish Jha

[email protected]  •  +91-9971903652  •  New Delhi, IN

Currently, spend all my time building Alexa skills for fun, freelancing and for the startup I work!

Winner of the first ever Alexa Skills Hackathon in India and a Google & Udacity Nanodegree Scholar. Also dabbled with Web Technologies, Java, C++, Angular 5, Ruby on Rails, NodeJS in the past.


Klove Chef by IOK Labs Inc

Software Engineering Intern, June 2018 - Present 

  • Refining Klove Chef, designed to be the perfect, most intuitive and naturally conversational personal cooking assistant.

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Codementor | Fiverr | Upwork

Freelance Alexa Developer & Voice UI Mentor, Feb 2018 - Present 

  • Consultancy/Mentoring/Freelance Services for Alexa Skills. 25+ Alexa Skills & 8000+ Users!
  • |

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Alexa Developer, Jan 2018 - Apr 2018

  • Made Crypto Flash - Cryptocurrency & ICO Tracker Skill on Amazon's Alexa Platform which was awarded Best Financial Planning Themed Skill by Amazon in February 2018!

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Star Teachers

Digital Marketing Manager, Jun 2017 - Sep 2017

  • Increased online presence and added new content to the website.

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Digital Marketing Intern, Jul 2017 - Aug 2017

  • Publicised Eride through social media and increased our online presence.

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Cluster Innovation Centre, University of Delhi  |  2016-20

B.Tech in Information TechnologyMathematical Innovations with specialization in Management


Industry Knowledge

Amazon Alexa Skills Development


Front End Web Development


Back End Web Development


Languages & Frameworks

C • C++ • Ruby • Java • Python • JavaScript • HTML5 • CSS3 • SQL • TypeScript • jQuery • NodeJS • ExpressJS • Sinatra • Rails • Angular 2+ • Bootstrap • Alexa Skills Kit for NodeJS

Tools & Technologies

GitGitHub • Asana • VS Code • Sublime Text • WebStorm • NPM • RubyMine • Eclipse • Firebase • Amazon Developer Console • AWS Lambda, DynamoDB, Cloudwatch • Windows XP & above • Ubuntu


Precisely, Apr 2018 - Present

Precisely intuitively learns your interests and brings you a personalized feed of the latest jobs, internships, scholarships, conferences, competitions, fellowships and much more - all in one place and in multiple languages! Our AI-powered platform matches your interests with the opportunities like international internships, conferences, fellowships, conferences and scholarships to separate the music out of the noise.

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Science Wizard, Apr 2018 - Present

Power up science education in the classroom or home with the help of Alexa. With the help of Science Wizard, students, teachers and parents will be able to access hands-on activities with all kinds of controls (start, stop and resume), science quizzes, debate prompts, and scientific formulae across Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

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The Ganga Quest, Apr 2018 - Apr 2018

A legendary voyage up the River Ganga, where you travel looking for the missing book of Panchatantra, a work of wisdom by Vishnu Sarma. Loss of this key book could turn the tide of history for the following millennium. You can assume a part in saving this important piece of literature for ages to come. However, you have decisions to take that could decide your path between progress & disappointment.

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Crypto Flash - Cryptocurrency & ICO Tracker, Jan 2018 - Mar 2018

Crypto Flash is a universal point resource for real-time informationof over 1500+ cryptocurrencies and ICO’s. You can use Crypto Flash to get the real-time information including the current price, volume, market cap, all of them even in alternate fiat currencies like pound, rupees, euro, yen etc. and not just US dollars! Crypto Flash also supports a portfolio feature which will help you keep track of all the different cryptocurrencies in your portfolio. You can Add/Update/Delete coins from your portfolio. You can get the real-time value of your portfolio in US dollars as well as alternate fiat currency. You will also be informed of the change in value of your portfolio since the last time checked.

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Where's my Stuff??, Feb 2018 - Feb 2018

Find all your misplaced stuff with Alexa's help. Next time you don't need to search the entire room for finding your mobile phone, remote etc.

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Does It Fly?, Jan 2018 - Jan 2018

A game based on the popular Indian folk game "Chidiya Udd", meaning, Does Bird Fly? with the purpose of helping kids learn which birds & animals can fly. 

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Drafting Concierge, Oct 2017 - Oct 2017

Drafting Concierge is a Single Page Application made with Angular and Firebase backend to simplify and generate proposals and business templates the best way you can.

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Honors & Awards

Alexa Skills Hackathon Winner, May 2018 | HackerEarth & Amazon

Won the First Prize & Alexa Popular Choice Prize
Grand Prize Winning Skill - The Ganga Quest
Alexa Popular Choice Prize Winning Skill - Science Wizard

Google India Developer Nanodegree Scholarship, May 2018 | Google & Udacity

Earned a full 6-month Google India Developer Nanodegree Scholarship to Mobile Web Specialist Nanodegree.
Was one of the 150 students selected for this scholarship out of tens of thousands after participating in an initial 3 months of selection period!

Institute of Code Scholarship, April 2018 | Institute of Code

Received 500 USD scholarship for attending a ten day Coding Boot-camp in Bali, Indonesia where 2000+ amazing students from all over the world applied.

Best Financial Planning Themed Skill, Feb 2018 | Amazon

Crypto Flash - Cryptocurrency & ICO Tracker was awarded the Best Financial Planning Themed Skill by Amazon

Top Intern, Aug 2017 | Eride

Was among the Top 10 Interns from the batch of 300 for the Digital Marketing Internship at Eride.

Mensa IQ Test, Aug 2016 | Mensa

Cleared Mensa IQ Test which only accepts people who score more than 98.00 percentile in its exam.  

Volunteer Experience

Internal Affairs Manager & Knowledge Evangelist, Aug 2017 - Present


Internal Affairs Manager and Knowledge Evangelist, part of the governing body for the Computer Science Society, #include, of Cluster Innovation Centre, University of Delhi.

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Volunteer, Nov 2017 - Dec 2017

United Nations Volunteers

Advocating for volunteerism and civic engagement in peace and development.

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Club Captain, Dec 2017 - May 2018


Club Captains are people with a passion for technology, leadership skills and an entrepreneurial spirit. With their team the Club Captain launches, builds and runs their Campus’ Mozilla Club. The Club Captain is responsible for making sure their Club is running successfully on their Campus.

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