Ashish Saxena

AWS Certified Solutions Architect with specialties in architecting, building and delivering highly resilient, scalable and distributed technology platforms with a cloud-first and agile mentality. With a strong emphasis on customer-centricity and business-focused solution development, I have demonstrated expertise in solution architecture and building full lifecycle IT solutions in a diverse set of industry verticals.

Gurugram, India. 

[email protected] 




AWS - EC2, S3, LightSail, RDS, Route 53, KMS, Lambda, SES, SNS, SQS & Cloudwatch. 

Linux Administration, Shell Scripting.


CI/CD - Jenkins, AWS CodeCommit-CodeDeploy. 

Containers/Orchestration - Docker, Kubernetes(Basics).

RDBMS - MySQL, MariaDB, Replication, Backups and Recovery, Database Configuration, Optimization & Normalization.
NoSQL - MongoDB, ElasticSearch(Basics)


Open Web Application Security Project(OWASP), PCI-DSS Compliance, Prevention of XSS, CSRF, DDoS, SQL Injection.

AWS -WAF, Security Groups, NACL.

Version Control 

GIT(Gitlab/GitHub) - Workflows, Rebasing, Merging Strategies etc., 

DB Migrations - Phinx(PHP), Mongoose Migrations.

3rd-Party Applications Integration

Donor Management - Portfolio, Raiser's Edge, Salesforce NPSP.

Email - Jango(SOAP), Constant Contact(REST), Active Campaign, Sendgrid. 

Payment Gateway - GoeMerchant, USAG, Razor Pay, Instamojo etc.


JIRA,Trello, Youtrack, Basecamp,

Zoho CRM, Mantis.

Story development, Milestone Identification, Resource Scheduling.


Javascript - NodeJS, ExpressJS.  

REST(API) - Apigility, OpenAPI, Swagger, Postman.

PHP - Laravel, Zend2. 


Frameworks - Bootstrap 3 & 4 

Templating - Twig, Pug & EJ.

Javascript - jQuery, VueJS(Basics).


AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate (Credential ID : QF2JD1M1EN411SWX) 

Valid Till March 11, 2023

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner (Credential ID : E7WFBKV1FJFQQPW3 )

Valid Till December 23, 2022


Odicea Distribution Technologies Pvt. Ltd.(1k Kirana Bazaar), DevOps Architect, November  2021 - Present

  • Containerization of the existing applications using Docker. 
  • Deployment of the containerized applications to AWS ECS/Fargate. 
  • Application and Log Monitoring using New Relic and Cloudwatch. 
  • Design AWS infrastructure for new applications from Scratch. 
  • Cost Analysis and Optimization on AWS.
  • Migration of Mysql Database to AWS Aurora.
  • MongoDB Cluster Setup and configuration from scratch. 
  • CDN Setup for Serving Images using Cloudfront, S3, Lambda and API Gateway. 
  • Setup and Maintenance of CI/CD Pipelines using Jenkins.
  • Handling security of cloud using Security Groups, IAM, Cloud Trail, WAF.
  • VPN setup for secure access of Instances and Database. 
  • Migration/Setup of Production workloads on AWS RDS Aurora(MySQL).
  • Data Ingestion Pipeline using AWS Glue. 
  • Data Warehouse setup using Redshift. 
  • S3-Athena Integration for Data Analytics.  

Nuclay Solutions, Technical Architect, December 2018 - Present

  • Capacity planning and Architecture Design of AWS Infrastructure.
  • Selecting appropriate AWS service based on data, compute, database, or security requirements. 
  • Design, implement and maintain AWS infrastructure and services within AWS environment. 
  • Cost Optimization Solutions based on Reserved Instance Model, AWS Cost Saving plans and more.
  • Configured and managed various AWS Services including EC2, VPC, S3, IAM, RDS, DynamoDB, CDN, CloudWatch.
  • S3 Events, SNS and SQS for triggering multiple Lambda functions(written in NodeJS).
  • CI/CD Pipelines using Serverless Framework(CloudFormation).
  • Route53 configuration for DNS Management.
  • Handling security of cloud using Security Groups, NACL, IAM, Cloud Trail, WAF.
  • Migration/Setup of Production workloads on AWS RDS Aurora(MySQL).
  • Backups Storage on S3 and EBS Snapshots Management on AWS
  • Setting up of Continuous Integration(CI) & Continuous Delivery(CD) Pipelines using Jenkins.
  • Data Ingestion Pipeline setup using Logstash for ElasticSearch. 
  • Used ElasticSearch Queries and Aggregations for Diverse Analytical Reports. 
  • Salesforce NPSP Integration - Bi-directional Sync between two Applications using Rest APIs.
  • Maintenance of PCI Compliance and Web Application Security Standards.

Nuclay Solutions*Scrum Master & Development Team Lead, July 2017 - December 2018 

  • Managing and Handling AWS Cloud Environment. 
  • Managing AWS Instance Availability, Operations; Troubleshooting for Environment Stability.
  • 3rd Party application integration using REST API and Automated File Imports from S3.
  • Identification and Resolution of CSRF, XSS and Clickjacking vulnerabilities. 
  • Managing in-house technology team working on PHP, NodeJS, REST, AWS.
  • End-to-End handing of PCI Compliance Audit. 
  • Facilitation of Daily Scrum Meeting, Sprint Planning, Sprint Review and Sprint Retrospective. 
  • Product backlog refinement. 
  • Maintenance of PCI Compliance and Web Application Security Standards.
Nuclay Solutions*, Development Team Lead, July 2015 - June 2017
  • NagiOS Server setup for Resource Monitoring. 
  • GitLab Setup and Configuration.
  • Database optimization.
  • MySQL to MariaDB migration for improving the performance and speed of website.
  • Implemented a mix of normalized and de-normalized database structures to enhance the performance of stored procedures and queries. 
  • REST API Migration.
  • 3rd Party Payment Processor integration 
  • Jango Mail's SOAP API integration. 
  • Successfully Migrated an Enterprise Application to AWS EC2 ensuring high availability and scalability. 
  • Master - Slave Database Replication Setup ensuring real-time backup and recovery using AWS snapshots, mysqldump. 
  • Code backup system using rsync. 
Nuclay Solutions*, Web Developer, December, 2011 - June 2015
  • Created user friendly Reporting Dashboards using Highcharts JS, MySQL and PHP5. 
  • Created Single Page Responsive Donation Web Application using JQuery, CSS, MySQL and PHP5. 
  • Implemented the migration of givecentral.org from core PHP to Zend 2 MVC Framework creating a responsive platform using Bootstrap CSS Framework. 
  • Managed VPS Server on Centos 6. 
  • Automated repetitive tasks using Shell Scripting and Cron Jobs.   
*MyWorkForce Technologies changed its name to Nuclay Solutions Pvt. Ltd. in December 2018. 

GiveCentral, Dec 2011 - Present

URL - www.givecentral.org

Technologies - LAMP, Zend2, Bootstrap, AWS - (EC2, RDS, VPC, Cloudwatch, SQS, SNS, Lambda), GIT, REST API (Apigility). 

A Scalable Payment Processing Platform hosted on AWS that has grown from zero to 1600+ Clients, 1 Million+ Users and currently processing an average $10 Million/Month. 

Games91, September 2019 - December 2019 

URL - www.games91.in, www.games91dealers.in

Technologies - NodeJS, ExpressJS, MongoDB, Bootstrap 4, AWS - EC2, VP,S3, Cloudwatch. 

Games91 is a real money gaming platform that has been hosted on AWS. The Backend of the Platform is entirely based on NodeJS. The Project has quickly grown to 100k+ users in a span of 8 Months. 

Nuclay Emailer, February 2020 - Present

URL - emailer.givecentral.org

Technologies - ExpressJS, NodeJS, AWS Lambda, SES, SQS, S3, API Gateway, EC2, RDS and DynamoDB. 

A NodeJS based Marketing Emailer Application that can send ~6000 Emails in a minute using AWS's SES, Lambda, SQS and SNS  Services in the backend.


College of Technology, GBPUAT, Pantnagar - July 2007-2011

Bachelor of Technology(B.Tech. - A.E.)

CBSE Board, 12th Grade(Intermediate), July 2004-2006

Physics, Chemistry, Maths & Computer Science with 82% Aggregate.

CBSE Board, 10th Grade(High School), July 2002-2004 

Physics, Chemistry, Maths - 82% Aggregrate.
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