Assan Idea company

Web Development

  Tehran, Tehran Province, Iran

Provides management solutions for small companies and large holdings by providing services in the fields of software production, enterprise resource planning (ERP) software development, website design and implementation, social media content production, computer network support and Infrastructure, support for computer systems

Email: [email protected]

phone: +98 902 201 2796

Work Experience

Online Game website

Crazy Games

January 2021 - Present
Taipei, Taiwan

Build with : JavaScript - Php - Html- Css- Sass

Online Game website

Addicting Games

July 2020 - Present
Taipei, Taiwan

Build with : Html5-Css-jQuery-JavaScript-Sass

video-sharing service website


April 2020 - Present
Taipei, Taiwan

Build with : Python - Html -Css -javaScript

e-commerce company


February 2020 - Present
Taipei, Taiwan

Build with : Php-JavaScript-Html-Css

Company website

Aria Beniz

January 2019 - Present
Taipei, Taiwan

Build with: Html-Css-JavaScript-Qweb-React Js-Php


   English — Professional      Persian — Professional   


   HTML      CSS      Sass      JavaScript      PHP      PhpMyAdmin      Python      Laravel      jQuery      React.js      Bootstrap      Tailwind CSS      Databases      Git      Angular JS      vue js      XML      qweb      WordPress      SEO   

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