Attia Mohamedein

 iOS Developer Berlin, Germany
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  • iOS Development: Objective-C, Swift, Cocoa Touch, UIKIT, CoreLocation, CoreSpotlight, SiriShortcuts, watchOS, Swiftlint
  • Frameworks: Alamofire, Moya, Unit TestingRxSwift, Quick, Nimble, SwiftMocky
  • Design Patterns: MVC, MVVM, VIPER, OOP, SOLID, TDD.
  • Dependency managers: Cocoapods, Carthage. 
  • CI/CD: Fastlane, CircleCI, Bitrise, iTunes Connect.
  • DataBase: Realm, Core Data, SQLite.


  • Source control:  GIT
  • Analytics tools: Firebase Analytics, Mixpanel, Fabric
  • Continuous development, knowledge sharing.
  • Analytics, A/B testing, Git, Jira, Cocoapods

Work Experience

Flixbus , iOS Developer - August 2019 - Present

Flixbus is Europe’s largest intercity bus network, helping millions of people reach their destinations.

  • Working with the team launching our new App.
  • Working closely with our product manager, UI/UX designers to continuously improve our CVR and user satisfaction.
  • Communicating with others teams, backend engineers, security, data science to achieve our "Mobile First" goal.

(Swift, RxSwift, MVVM, CocoaPods, REST, Fastlane,  Adyn, GIT, SwiftMocky, SwiftInject, Agile)

elmenus, iOS Developer - May 2018 - June 2019

elmenus is the biggest food discovery platform in Egypt.

  • Built the new ordering feature.
  • Devised the Siri shortcuts, Fastlane and Circle CI Mix, reducing release times from over a 4 hours to under 15 seconds.
  • Overhauled almost 1K file with SwiftLint.
  • Optimized Build Times by 30% by Reducing Dynamic Dispatch.
  • Helped the junior developers get their tasks done.
  • Upgraded our app to iOS 12 and new iPhones.

(Swift 4, RxSwift, MVVM, Realm, CocoaPods, REST, Google maps, ObjectMapper, Spotlight search, Quick Actions, GIT, Payfort)

Instasalla, iOS Developer - (May 2017 - May 2018)

InstSalla is an e-commerce app for delivery and show product of groceries and supermarkets Based in Kuwait, top featured in Kuwait App Store.

  • Built the app from scratch. 
  • Upgraded the code base to Swift 4.
  • Managed the app From zero users to 500K users.
  • Automated the deployment process.
(Swift 4, Realm, CocoaPods, REST, Google maps, Siren, SwiftyJSON, Facebook core, Quick Actions, CI, GIT, Fabric, UXCam, Pushwoosh) 

Pushbots, iOS Developer - (May 2017 - May 2018)

PushBots is a push notifications/analytics platform.

  • Maintained the SDK and improve with new features.
  • Supported Developers via intercom.
  • Wrote blogs about implementing our features in their apps.
  • Publish Demo apps.

(Objective-C, CocoaPods, REST, APN, Rich Media Notifications, Github)

Malsapp, iOS Developer - (Feb 2016 - Jan 2017)

Malsapp is a software house that builds an app creator product that you can customize and build it your clients immediately.

  • started from scratch then customized to three different apps.
  • Managing deployment in AppStore / TestFlight.

(Objective-C, Swift, GraphQL, push notification, Agile, scrum, VOIP)

Fixed Solutions(Navrize), Junior iOS Developer - (July 2015 - January 2016)

Fixed solution is a software house that was an indoor navigation product that works with iBeacons and LTE Technologies.

  • Built the UI of the main screen.
  • Implement the routing function.

(Objective-C, Swift, Core location, mapping, BLE Beacons, push notification, Agile scrum methodologies.)


Swift Cairo, Co-founder

Starting a community for iOS Developers in Egypt to connect people together, help in knowledge sharing
and empower the iOS developers.
We're doing offline meetups, workshops and podcasts regularly

Speaking at the biggest MENA region's largest innovation and entrepreneurship summit.

Featured in the App Store with Instasalla.

Invited to attend SwiftandFika iOS conference In Stockholm.


Projects 00 00@2x 25de285f43c486b5a0ddc099900a08387ad7a27243b9ba95b25d3665ee9775ae


elmenus is a comprehensive food discovery/ordering platform accessible through our website and mobile apps.

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Projects 00 01@2x 5659ae1046a29c3ededd36e4a50b2c0f0c26b5fd7152a5d1cc138de803a81cbf


Europe’s largest intercity bus network, helping millions of people reach their destinations.

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Projects 00 02@2x fe789c7495428f4bddd216a44a8d0d12ce13fbeed0f26e9c9f2fa6c5fb4b5cc2


Nearhero is NearHero is on-demand (in Miami, US so far) services promise to save the day you can get full access to service providers, or as we like to call them Heroes

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bachelor's degree, 2011 - 2015

 Bachelor in Computer Science, Mansoura University

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