Axel Kennedal

Axel Kennedal

Computer Science Engineer

[email protected]  •  Stockholm, Sweden
Axel Kennedal

Axel Kennedal

Computer Science Engineer

[email protected]  •  +46704900163  •  Stockholm, Sweden


Top grade graduate from elementary school, secondary school scholarship receiver, currently student at the premier technical university of Sweden. Technology is a great passion of mine and I'm very interested in things like engineering, programming, network communications and computer science.

    Writing code and creating new products is one of my favourite things to do, I really like the creativity and problem-solving that comes with it. I'm not only technical but also have a background in music production and skills in image and video editing, graphics and layout as well as social sciences.

    I'm interested in full-stack development, since it allows you to put all of your skills to use and get a comprehensive idea of the entire project.



  • Java
  • Swift
  • JavaScript
  • Python
  • Node.js
  • React
  • React Native
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • C
  • C++
  • PHP
  • Assembly
  • SQL
  • Haskell
  • Clojure
  • Prolog
  • Golang
  • Objective-C

Personal skills 

  • Leadership
  • Organization
  • Agile Development
  • Project Management


  • Interface Design
  • Interaction Design
  • Graphical Design
  • Photoshop
  • Sketch


  • English
  • Swedish
  • Spanish


Masters in Computer Science M.Sc

KTH Royal Institute of Technology, 2018 - 2020  

Studying advanced level courses in computer science, on the track Software Technology.

Exchange Studies

Nanyang Technological University, 2019

NTU in Singapore is a partner university with KTH, which gave me the opportunity to study there for a semester. NTU was ranked 2nd in the world for its education in Computer Science (in the U.S. News and World Report Best Global Universities Rankings 2019).

Candidate in Computer Science B.Sc

KTH Royal Institute of Technology, 2015 - now  

The premier technical university of Sweden, ranked 10 in the world at creating the best programmers.

CS50: Introduction to CS edX Course

Harvard University, 2014

The most popular course at Harvard.

Programming and Networking Secondary School

Thorildsplans Gymnasium, 2013 - 2015

Was one of the most active students in the programming and networking classes. Helped maintain and upgrade the equipment in the networking lab, including installing switches and routers in racks.

Social Sciences Secondary School

Kunskapsgymnasiet Globen, 2011 - 2013  

My two first years of secondary school was in a social sciences programme where I studied such things as psychology, history, journalism and media production. After a while I realized that I was much more interested in technology, so I switched to Programming and Networking. 

Courses Taken 

  • Advanced Algorithms DD2440
  • Algorithms and Data Structures DD1338
  • Algorithms, Data Structures and Complexity DD2350
  • CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) 1-4
  • Calculus in One Variable SF1625
  • Computer Organization and Components IS1500
  • Database Technology for Computer Scientists DD1368
  • Degree Project in Computer Science, First Cycle DD142X
  • Human-Computer Interaction, Introductory Course DH1620
  • Introductory Course in Mathematics SF0001
  • Java Programming for Python Programmers DD1380
  • Linear Algebra SF1604
  • Logic for Computer Scientists DD1350
  • Mathematics, Basic course, with Discrete Mathematics SF1671
  • Models and Simulation DD1354
  • Multivariable Calculus SF1626
  • Numerical Analysis SF1547
  • Operating Systems ID1200
  • Organisation and Knowledge-intensive Work ME1010
  • Parallell and Concurrent Programming DD1396
  • Probability Theory and Statistics SF1901
  • Programme Integrating Course in Computer Science Engineering DD1380
  • Programming DD1337
  • Programming Paradigms DD1361
  • Software Engineering DD1393
  • Software Project Course DD1349
  • Sustainable Development for Computer Science and Engineering AL1504
  • Writing In the Engineering Profession DA1600


Software Developer, Co-Founder

StayToStudy, 2018 - now is a platform for students to find accommodation during their studies and for people to sublet their rooms/apartments to students. This is a startup I created with a couple of my best friends at KTH. Currently we are in an Alpha phase, so the website is currently like a showcase of what the final product will be like. My contributions are primarily in the frontend which is written in React, as well as in developing the architecture and business model of the platform.

Software Developer

Acoija, 2016 - now

Part of the core team building up the startup together with the founder. Read more here.

Software Developer

Web Tech Media Group, 2016

Working as a software consultant, so far I've been responsible for an iOS project where I worked on updating it for iOS 10 and adding some features, working in Xcode and Swift. Has taught me about working agile and working directly with a client.

Private Teacher

Private Employer, 2016 - 2018

Helping a student during weekends with mainly natural sciences (mathematics, biology, chemistry), responsible for raising her grades and understanding. I've improved my skills in explaining concepts and making things easy to understand.

IT Consultant

Silka Law, 2017

Set up a private cloud for the client as their previous cloud solution was not adequate. I was responsible for researching and choosing a solution as well as implementing it together with another consultant.

Software Developer

Giesecke & Devrient, 2017

Worked alongside two other summer workers with developing a new documentation platform for both internal use and to deploy to customers such as Google, Apple, Volvo, BMW, AT&T and Verizon. We created an automated transfer tool in Java to clean up the existing documentation source and enter it into the new system, which we based in an open source wiki that we customized. After we had a demo version of the application working we transformed it into a Docker solution and set it up on a Linux server. Our supervisors were very happy with the results and impressed we managed to do so much during our time there.

Freelance Tech Writer

MacWorld, 99Mac, M3, 2014-2016

Wrote articles for some of the largest technology magazines in Sweden. I came up with my own ideas, pitched them and realized them. This had a positive impact on my creativity and ability to sell ideas.

Summer Job

Wise IT, 2014

Helped a company move to a new location, installed workstations. Made me realize I want to work with something more challenging than simple IT tasks. I want to use technology to create new solutions that enrich the lives of others.



Course Committee Representative

Operating Systems course at KTH, 2017

Working together with three other representatives and the professor of the course to find ways to improve the quality of it, using feedback from the rest of the students.

Vice Chairman of the Board, Board Member of the SSF Council

Områdesföreningen Forum, 2016 - 2018

Områdesföreningen is the association taking care of the facilities at the student living quarters called Forum, at Östermalm, Stockholm. I'm currently working with the rest of the board to upgrade and renovate our facilities (a gym, music studio etc.). I'm also our representative towards SSF, which helps students in Stockholm that live in student accommodations.

Event Manager

The Business Group at Konglig Datasektionen*, 2016

Responsible for organizing events with the Business Group; such as lunch lectures and pub nights with companies interested in hiring computer science students.

Event Manager, Sales and Company Host

D-Dagen at Konglig Datasektionen, 2016

Responsible for organizing the events associated with "D-Dagen" - the career fair organized for all members of Konglig Datasektionen, this year the largest ever. Was part of the sales team and helped companies with any questions they had. Helped two companies with their attendance at the D-Dagen fair, including setting up their booths and operations during the day.


Prylmångleriet at Konglig Datasektionen, 2016

Prylmångleriet is an organisation of Konglig Datasektionen that sells merchandise from the chapter, such as t-shirts and sew-on patches. I helped organize sales.

*Note: Konglig Datasektionen is the Computer Science chapter at KTH; a student organisation for all CS students at KTH.

Accomplishments and Honours 


Thorildsplans Gymnasium, 2015

Received for best grades during second year, at my school which had approximately 1500 students.

Honour Code Certificate

Harvard edX, 2014

Received for completing the most popular course at Harvard.



Here is a selection of some of the projects I've done. I enjoy coming up with projects of my own - both to learn and innovate. Working with others are great opportunities for getting new perspectives and improving teamwork skills.



2018 - now

You can read about this under the heading Experience further up in this CV.

Check it out here!



After being introduced to React Native I was eager to create my first Android app. I decided to develop an app that lets you set multiple timers, since the Clock app that comes with Android usually only allows you to set one timer at a time. Working on Kimer was a learning experience - both with using React Native and also publishing an app to the Google Play Store as well as implementing In-App-Purchases. Because the purpose of working on it was learning I moved on to other projects when I felt I had maximized my learning (which is why the app still has some bugs - ehm, I mean features.)


Acoija Air Purifier

2016 - now

As part of the course DD1393 I worked together with a group of eleven other KTH students for a startup called Acoija. Our goal with the project is to create the hardware and software for a smart IoT-product for air purification. My role is in the software team where I work on the iOS app in Swift. I'm also part of the cloud team, meaning I and two other students ensure:

  • Users can create accounts and login using the iOS app.
  • The hardware unit can push real-time air quality data to the app.
  • The app can display historic data.
  • The app can send commands to the hardware unit.

Project Tardigrade


For a project course in my first year at KTH I created a game engine together with a friend. We wrote it in Java with the goal to implement a rather simple round-based top-down 2D shooter. Since the course was very short we only had time to implement the core engine functionality (like collision detection and handling) and a very simple demo of what the gameplay was going to be like. This project made me reflect on and learn a lot about software architecture, since we wanted our game engine to generalized so that it could be used to implement other games too.

You can look at the code here.

Spoopy Space


A collaboration made with a fellow KTH classmate; Spoopy Space is an arcade-style infinite runner game implemented on a ChipKIT microcontroller using MIPS Assembly and C. This is the most hardware-oriented project I've worked on, since the code is so tightly bound to the specific CPU and other hardware components, such as the LED-display and buttons we used. Some of the biggest challenges we faced during this project was parsing complex data sheets and manuals for hardware, working with bit-level instructions on registers and limited resources.




As project for the course DH1620 me and a group of classmates created a prototype for an app called Tinfo. The purpose of which was to help commuters (primarily on the subway) make better decisions about their journeys. Mainly the focus was on generating crowdsourced reports on current traffic situations and generating routes that avoid big crowds, or suggestions on better times of the day to make the journey.

Since it was a project in Human-Computer-Interaction we did lots of studies on how user friendly the app was, using established methods and iterative design. Our project was selected by a jury for second place in the final contest of the course.




When I found out about JavaFX I wanted to try and make something of my own, so during the Christmas holidays I created a desktop application that allows you to very easily download a Youtube video as an MP3 file. 

It was my first concurrent application, meaning multiple files can be downloaded simultaneously.

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