Aya Nasser Mohammed

A passionate Machine Learning |Computer Vision Engineer who always looking for new challenges

Cairo, EG

+201288149179 || +201118078643

Date of Birth: 02-04-1996 

[email protected]


Helwan University, Bachelor's in Biomedical Engineering  2014 ~ 2019

 Graduation project : Exceptional  A+ , Cumulative assessment : Very Good with honor 

Work Experience                                                                                     

Computer vision Engineer                                                                            Jan 2020- present
@Advanced Programs Co Trd

  • Working on video analytics project to turn Riyadh city to AI smart city
  • Video analytics projects solved with both classical and deep learning solutions
  • Dataset collecting, cleaning, ..etc
  • Hands on experience with openvino | Intel models
  • Hands on experience with Deepstream |Nvidia TLT

Data Engineer                                                                                       May 2019 - October 2019

I worked remotely with Appen as a Data Engineer in different tasks such as : 
  • Collecting data | Web scraping 
  • Data augmentation 
  • Exploring, Cleaning  data
  • Data visualization
  • Data Classification and rating 

AI Engineer Intern                                                                                        Aug 2019 - Sep 2019 


  • Worked on Deep learning - Computer vision projects in Health-Care field
    (Chest Xray, Mammography, etc.)
  •  Worked with different and efficient Deep Neural Networks such ( DensNets , ResNets , SENets ENASNets , etc)
  • Using the latest optimization and regularization techniques such as RAdam, , Snapshot ,Cos annealing, schedule and more
  • Have implemented with Pytorch , Fastai 
  •  Gained experience in Deploying DNN models by using (Flask , FastCGI, IIS )

Volunteering Experience                                                                      

1. Campus Ambassador@
Hult Prize Foundation
 2017 - 2018

2. Chair Lady
Biomedical Club
2016 - 2017

3. IT and HR member  IEEE|HSB
2016 - 2017

Online Courses                                                                                        

1. Deep Learning Specialization a 5-course specialization

2. Machine Learning Specialization a 4-course specialization 

@ University of Washington

3. Computer Vision Courses 

@ Stanford and Udemy

4. Computer Vision nanodegree @Udacity

5. Data Analysis nanodegree @Udacity


Sep 2019
Computer vision nanodegree projects @ Udacity

  • Facial key point detection
  • Automatic Image Captioning
  • Landmark Detection & Tracking

Sep 2019
@PaxeraHealth Internship

Applying my Deep learning knowledge in health care field in different projects such as :

  • Chest X-ray , Mammography ,..etc 
  • Deploying DL models  using Flask , FastCGI and IIS (Microsoft server)
  • Have worked with different and efficient Deep Neural Networks such ( DensNets , ResNets , SENets ENASNets , etc) 
  • Using the latest optimization and regularization techniques such as RAdam, , Snapshot ,Cos annealing, schedule and more
  • Using different Ensemble Techniques that fit with DL models

2018 - 2019 
Graduation project @ Helwan Uni.

"Real time Pose trainer"

We have made a GUI Deep learning application that detect and evaluate how correct is the exercise which the patient have performed (Either physical therapy or Fitness exercises) , and give them a written feedback about their exercise if it's correct or wrong and how to improve it at different cases , We detect either in real-time or with a recorded video , and this is all after "Detecting human pose and keyPoints stage " , For more clearness just click on this videos , Code not published yet Skills that i've gained : which mentioned below in skills section of AI 

May 2019

Using Matlab , Dataset from phsyonet , stages were
 (Pre-processing data, Feature extraction and Knn Classifier ) Code and discussion available here  

Accomplishments and Honours                                                      

Code Battle By A2OJ and WUZZUF

Egypt’s first programming competition, semi-finalist


Enrolling in IEEEXtreme for the first time - 11th place in Egypt

Maker Hackathon Hardware

Team Leader
We make a prototype (wearable suit that indicate some medical parameter) and we won invitation to London (Hult prize Finalists Camp ) 



  • Python
  • Anaconda  | Docker
  • ML | DL | CNN
  • Keras |Tensorflow |Pytorch | Onnx
  • Computer Vision | Image Processing
  • Data Cleaning |Exploring|
  • Descriptive and inferential statistics
  • Deploy DNN models on IIS 
  • Github | git
  • Linux
  • Deepstream5
  • OpenVino

Personal Skills 

  • Highly management skills
  • Very high research skills
  • Problem solver
  • Excellent self learner 
  • Excellent with time management
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Excellent presenter 
  • Very Flexible 
  • Easily work with a team or individually  

Languages :

  • Arabic - Native(Mother tongue)
  • English -  Advanced


Adel Al Sagr

CEO of Advanced Programs Trd Co. 

Email: [email protected] 

Phone: +966 53 130 2020

Nancy Salem

Professor at faculty of Engineering Helwan Uni.
: [email protected] 

Phone: +201009161388 

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