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b spot online racing casino may be one of the best real money gambling sites you've never heard of. Why is that? Because b spot is available in many states that don't have legal online casinos, so it gives players in those states a way to make wagers while playing awesome games! How is b spot able to do this? By tying the outcome of the games you play to real horse racing results! That was the goal when former YouBet veterans David Marshall and Russell Fine started b spot back in 2013. While many online casino games give their results by a random number generator, b spot bets are placed on live horse races and all winnings are determined by the results of those races. The concept is as unique as the company's name, "b spot"! 

b spot gives us a site that honestly we have not seen before. You hear "online casino determined by horse racing" and honestly, we wonder what exactly that means. You may envision a virtual horse race with every game going on, but once you break it down to the nuts and bolts of the matter, you realize how well using something like horse racing results to give outcomes on online casino games works out. Speaking of the legalities of the site, b spot is available in the following states to players 

b spot is legit! The company has been around for about seven years now and is available in 22 states throughout the United States. The basic concept is pretty simple, you place wagers on horse races and then play games for a new fun way to find out what you've won. Technically, b spot is a licensed "advanced-deposit wagering hub" (aka an "ADW") legally authorized to conduct internet wagering on horse races across the United States. As an ADW, they operate under the Federal Interstate Horseracing Act and applicable state laws. Currently, b spot holds a multi-jurisdictional license from the Oregon Racing Commission, which authorizes them to accept wagers from numerous states across the country. They also hold direct licenses from the following states: California, Colorado, Montana, New York, and Wyoming.


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