Adam Liu

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    Java    Android     Flutter    Swift     iOS 


To leverage my multiple side project development experience, effective communication and teamwork skills, and expertise in iOS Application into a product Developer(iOS App) role for Synology.    


iOS App Developer Intern


Feb. 2022 - Now
New Taipei, Taiwan

As an iOS App Developer Intern , I'll be collaborating with other developers and UI/UX designers to deliver mobile applications that complement our lineup of data management products and IT solutions.

  • Take part in developing iOS applications.
  • Stay on top of the latest OS / SDK / emerging technology developments.
  • Help create and refine automated tests and development workflows to improve the development pace and usage experience of the app.


National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

Bachelor's Degree:  Information Management  ・ 3.6/4.3 GPA

2018 - 2022


Django  Python    •   2019 -  2020

  • Capstone Project  Payment flow Matching Platform  

My Capstone Project is the Payment flow matching platform, using the platform to match borrowers and lenders, so that both parties can meet their own needs. On this project, I am responsible for the development of the back-end and sub-functions (member verification newsletter, LineBot customer service robot).

Android  Java    •   2019 -  2020

In the Android part, I learn all common components and layouts, understand the life cycle of Activity and Fragment, parse Json format data, connect to GoogleMap API, Facebook API.

iOS   Swift \ Object-C    •   2020 -  now

In the iOS part, I used the UIKit framework for development, and I also tried SwiftUI. I learned Auto Layout, the life cycle of View Controller, MVC framework, GCD, CocoaPods, serial RESTful API & JSON parsing, CoreData, using Firebase as the back-end database and other third party library.

Flutter  Dart    •   2021 -  now

In the Flutter part, I can use Dart language for development, understand the Flutter framework and important widgets, the logic of data transfer between widgets, and I can design Flutter cross-platform apps.


Ubike2.0 Information App

Use the data of Open Data to create an information App about Youbike2.0 station, including remaining vehicles, remaining parking spaces, navigation and other information.

Restaurant Comment App

Using Firebase as the back-end database, and then using AlamofireImage to read the images in the cloud, allows users to upload restaurant information and food reviews.

Receipt App

Use Firebase as the back-end database. The App has functions such as scanning receipts, sorting by date, searching for , receipt matching, and consumption analysis.

To Do List App

Using CoreData to store data, you can add to-do items, and the user will be notified at the scheduled time.

PitchPerfect App

Use AVFoundation to record sound and convert it into different sounds, such as treble, bass, slow down, and speed up.

Instagram Clone App

Using Firebase as the back-end database, It can upload photos and manage member login and logout.

Covid-19 Information App

Use OpenData to obtain Covid19 epidemic information in various countries, and put the data in the  UI interface.

Order App(Interface)

It imitates the interface of the ordering system, and the related functions are still being perfected.

Mask Map App

Use the OpenData of the Ministry of Health and Welfare to capture the mask information of each pharmacy and display it on Google Map.

1A2B Game App

The classic 1A2B number game has functions such as adjusting the difficulty, surrendering, and another round.

Payment flow Matching Platform

Using Django to develop websites, combined with LineBot as a customer service center, has been deployed on GCP in the past. The main function is to ask the borrower to provide information, so that we can estimate the best loan amount and loan risk, and then match the borrowers and lenders to make the transaction conclude.


Available upon request

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