Yu Kung Chen(陳宇康)

I am a normal guy, being someone light.

  Taoyuan City, Taiwan



Work Experience

July 2020 - Oct 2020

Ming Chi University of Technology

Administrative Assistant

  1. Focus on University Social Responsibility and holding activities.
  2. Pay close attention to Migrant workers, New immigrants, Children of new inhabitants.
  3. Holding activities, tribunes, field research for students.
  4. Using the university announcement system find part-time students to help our activities, tribunes, and field research.
  5. Draft contracts for part-time students.
  6. Responsible for claim reimbursement.

July 2019 - June 2020

Hang Jian Technology

R&D of Education
  1. Design drone teaching material from elementary school to members of society.
  2. Training DIY, Program, Drawing & Laser cutting, Drone appliance, and license of Drone.
  3. Using 1111, 104, Linkin, or recommended by schools which we had cooperated with, hiring Part-time lecture and intern.
  4. Arranged interview include programming, basic drone knowledge test, and face to face. 
  5. Draft the contract for part-time lecture and intern.
  6. Deal with contracts, salary problems between the company and co-workers.
  7. Training,  teaching material research, and development.
  8. Over 2 kg drone flying hours over 50 hours.
  9. Below 2 kg drone flying hours over 100 hours.
  10. Training teacher hours over 40 hours.


2014 Sep - 2019 Jan

Yuan Ze University 

Business Administration

Major - Human Resource

Minor -  Innovation and entrepreneurship



  • Human Resource
  • Organizational behavior
  • Customer relationship management
  • Service design
  • Team building
  • Training


  • Data analysis(Excel、spss、BI) 
  • Coaching(Grow model & stair model)
  • Counseling


  • Data analysis 
  • Data collection & Problem Analysis and solution Capabilities
  • Design training course